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  • The role of the paravertebral ganglia in human sympathetic neural discharge patterns. [Journal Article]
    J Physiol. 2018 09; 596(18):4497-4510.Klassen SA, Limberg JK, … Shoemaker JK
  • The mechanisms affecting recruitment patterns of postganglionic sympathetic nerves remain unclear. The divergent and convergent preganglionic innervation patterns of postganglionic neurons and the presence of differently sized postganglionic nerves suggest that the ganglia may participate in modifying the discharge patterns of single sympathetic postganglionic neurons innervating the skeletal mus…
  • Influence of sympathetic nerve activity on aortic hemodynamics and pulse wave velocity in women. [Journal Article]
    Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol. 2017 Feb 01; 312(2):H340-H346.Harvey RE, Barnes JN, … Casey DP
  • Central (aortic) blood pressure, arterial stiffness, and sympathetic nerve activity increase with age in women. However, it is unknown if the age-related increase in sympathetic activity influences aortic hemodynamics and carotid-femoral pulse wave velocity (cfPWV), an index of central aortic stiffness. The goal of this study was to determine if aortic hemodynamics and cfPWV are directly influenc…
  • Aging enhances autonomic support of blood pressure in women. [Clinical Trial]
    Hypertension. 2014 Feb; 63(2):303-8.Barnes JN, Hart EC, … Joyner MJ
  • The autonomic nervous system plays a central role in both acute and chronic blood pressure regulation in humans. The activity of the sympathetic branch of the autonomic nervous system is positively associated with peripheral resistance, an important determinant of mean arterial pressure in men. In contrast, there is no association between sympathetic nerve activity and peripheral resistance in wo…
  • Whether independent regulation of myocardial contractility and diastolic relaxation rate is possible? [Journal Article]
    Bull Exp Biol Med. 2003 Apr; 135(4):330-3.Alipov NN, Sokolov AV, … Kuznetsova TE
  • In acute experiments on cats neural inotropic and lusitropic reactions of the heart to enhancement of pre- and afterload were assessed by changes in contractility and relaxation indices, which were preliminary chosen for their maximum specificity and sensitivity. The control cardiac responses to increased pre- and afterload were measured after treatment with ganglionic blocker arfonad. The myogen…
  • Comparison of different cardiac relaxation indices. [Journal Article]
    Bull Exp Biol Med. 2001 May; 131(5):416-20.Alipov NN, Izrail'tyan IM, … Kuznetsova TE
  • Sensitivity (response to epinephrine infusion) and specificity (response to changes in pre- and afterload) of some cardiac relaxation indices were compared in acute experiments on cats treated with ganglionic blocker arfonad. Some new indices proposed by us provide better characteristics than widely used relaxation time constant (t) and maximum first derivative of the left ventricular pressure (-…
  • Mechanisms of respiratory sinus arrhythmia in patients with mild heart failure. [Clinical Trial]
    Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol. 2001 Jan; 280(1):H125-31.El-Omar M, Kardos A, Casadei B
  • The high-frequency (HF) component of the heart rate variability (HRV) is regarded as an index of cardiac vagal responsiveness. However, when vagal tone is decreased, nonneural mechanisms could account for a significant proportion of the HF component. To test this hypothesis, we examined the HRV spectral power in 20 patients with mild chronic heart failure (CHF) and 11 controls before and during g…
  • The diagnosis and management of hypertensive crises. [Review]
    Chest. 2000 Jul; 118(1):214-27.Varon J, Marik PE
  • Severe hypertension is a common clinical problem in the United States, encountered in various clinical settings. Although various terms have been applied to severe hypertension, such as hypertensive crises, emergencies, or urgencies, they are all characterized by acute elevations in BP that may be associated with end-organ damage (hypertensive crisis). The immediate reduction of BP is only requir…
  • Comparison of nicotinic receptor binding and biotransformation of coniine in the rat and chick. [Journal Article]
    Toxicol Lett. 1996 Dec 31; 89(3):175-83.Forsyth CS, Speth RC, … Frank AA
  • Coniine, an alkaloid from Conium maculatum (poison hemlock), is a known teratogen in many domestic species with maternal ingestion resulting in arthrogryposis of the offspring. We have previously shown that rats are not susceptible and rabbits only weakly susceptible to coniine-induced arthrogryposis. However, the chick embryo does provide a reproducible laboratory animal model of coniine-induced…
  • Metabolic and hormonal responses to induced hypotension for middle ear surgery. [Randomized Controlled Trial]
    Br J Anaesth. 1996 Mar; 76(3):352-7.Newton MC, Chadd GD, … Hall GM
  • We have investigated in 30 patients the metabolic and hormonal responses to middle ear surgery using induced hypotension to a mean arterial pressure of 55 mm Hg. A standardized anaesthetic technique of propranolol, thiopentone-vecuronium-isoflurane was used in all patients and hypotension induced with sodium nitroprusside, trimetaphan camsylate or additional isoflurane. All patients showed a clas…
  • Ultra-high dose trimethaphan in an infant with severe hypertension. [Case Reports]
    J Toxicol Clin Toxicol. 1996; 34(2):227-9.Hammer GB
  • Trimethaphan camsylate is a potent antihypertensive drug used to induce systemic arterial hypotension in patients undergoing major surgery and to treat severe systemic hypertension. The pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of trimethaphan administered in the usual clinical dosages have been previously reported. The effects of trimethaphan when administered in very high doses of 500-1000 times th…
  • Sympathetic nervous system effects on feline bladder wall compliance throughout continence. [Journal Article]
    Acta Physiol Scand. 1995 Sep; 155(1):31-9.Khadra MH, Satchell PM, Vaughan CW
  • The urinary bladder is a compliant organ, high compliance being essential for useful urine storage. The extent to which the sympathetic nervous system promotes the storage of urine by increasing bladder compliance is unclear. The aim of the present study was to determine the range of bladder volumes over which the sympathetic nervous system increased bladder wall compliance. In supine, anaestheti…
  • Cardiovascular effects of NaCl microinjections into the nucleus of the solitary tract. [Journal Article]
    Brain Res. 1994 May 02; 644(2):233-42.Hochstenbach SL, Ciriello J
  • The nucleus of the solitary tract (NTS) was systematically explored in the alpha-chloralose-anesthetized rat for sites that elicited changes in mean arterial pressure (MAP) and heart rate (HR) during microinjections (20 nl) of phosphate-buffered saline (PBS; pH 7.2-7.4) or NaCl solutions containing various concentrations of NaCl (104-326 mM). Decreases in MAP (range 7-83 mmHg) and HR (range 10-70…
  • [A case of torsades de pointes probably caused by trimetaphan intoxication]. [Case Reports]
    J Cardiol. 1994 May-Jun; 24(3):243-7.Hirata K, Kyushima M, … Uehara H
  • A 42-year-old male was hospitalized in the surgical ward for abdominal pain due to stenosis of the splenic flexure of the colon and abscess around the stenosis. After segmental colectomy, the patient received intravenous continuous infusion of trimetaphan (Arfonad) to control his blood pressure. Twenty hours later, he developed bradycardia and hypotension followed by syncope. An electrocardiogram…
  • In vitro pharmacologic characterization of a cholinergic receptor on outer hair cells. [Journal Article]
    Hear Res. 1994 Apr; 74(1-2):135-47.Erostegui C, Norris CH, Bobbin RP
  • Acetylcholine (ACh) is the major neurotransmitter released from the efferent fibers in the cochlea onto the outer hair cells (OHCs). The type of ACh receptor on OHCs and the events subsequent to receptor activation are unclear. Therefore we studied the effect of agonists and antagonists of the ACh receptor on isolated OHCs from the guinea pig. OHCs were recorded from in whole cell voltage and cur…
  • [Stereotactic evacuation of massive hypertensive intracerebral hemorrhage]. [Journal Article]
    No Shinkei Geka. 1993 Jun; 21(6):509-12.Horimoto C, Yamaga S, … Tsujimura M
  • Six patients with massive hypertensive intracerebral hemorrhage and showing progression of consciousness-disturbance were treated by CT-guided stereotactic surgery. Serious complications or the age of these patients prevented evacuation of the hematomas by craniotomy under general anesthesia. The increase in the size of the intracerebral hematoma suggested by the progression of the consciousness-…
  • A novel cholinergic receptor mediates inhibition of chick cochlear hair cells. [Journal Article]
    Proc Biol Sci. 1992 Apr 22; 248(1321):35-40.Fuchs PA, Murrow BW
  • The central nervous system provides feedback regulation at several points within the peripheral auditory apparatus. One component of that feedback is inhibition of cochlear hair cells by release of acetylcholine (ACh) from efferent brainstem neurons. The mechanism of hair cell inhibition, and the character of the presumed cholinergic receptor, however, have eluded understanding. Both nicotinic an…
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