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444 results
  • Pyrazole/pyrazoline as an excellent pharmacophore in the design of carbonic anhydrase inhibitors (2018-2022). [Review]
    Arch Pharm (Weinheim). 2023 Jan 04 [Online ahead of print]Dorbabu A
  • Carbonic anhydrase (CA) is a metalloenzyme that catalyzes the interconversion between carbon dioxide and water and dissociated ions of carbonic acid. In addition, CA performs various other functions in animals and plants, depending on the part of the living being. CAs have been found in almost all organisms. Besides, CAs are associated with several diseases, such as glaucoma, obesity, epilepsy, c…
  • Mucoadhesive brinzolamide-loaded nanofibers for alternative glaucoma treatment. [Journal Article]
    Eur J Pharm Biopharm. 2022 Nov; 180:48-62.Cegielska O, Sierakowski M, … Kogermann K
  • Despite the advances in the field of pharmaceutical materials and technology, topical administration remains a method of choice for the treatment of eye diseases such as glaucoma, with eye drops being a leading dosage form. Their main disadvantage is a very short drug residence time and thus poor drug bioavailability, leading to the necessity of continuous repeated dosing. Mucoadhesive electrospu…
  • A novel loss-of-function mutation of the voltage-gated potassium channel Kv10.2 involved in epilepsy and autism. [Journal Article]
    Orphanet J Rare Dis. 2022 09 06; 17(1):345.Galán-Vidal J, Socuéllamos PG, … Gandarillas A
  • CONCLUSIONS: By in vitro studying primary cells from the patient and the activation capacity of the mutated protein, we could first, find a readout for the cellular defects and second, test pharmaceutical treatments that proved to be beneficial. The results show the involvement of a novel LOF mutation of a Potassium channel in autism syndrome with epilepsy and the great potential of in vitro cultures of primary cells in personalised medicine of rare diseases.
  • Brinzolamide-loaded soft contact lens for ophthalmic delivery. [Journal Article]
    Ther Deliv. 2022 04; 13(4):233-247.C De Guzman LM, De Guzman GQ, Borromeo EC
  • Aim: In this study, brinzolamide (BRZ) was loaded in balafilcon A silicone hydrogel soft contact lens to enhance delivery in glaucoma therapy. Materials & methods: BRZ-loaded soft contact lens was prepared by the soaking method with optimization of pH, temperature and concentration of drug loading solution. Results: At pH 7.4, loading temperature and concentration of 32°C and 3 mg/ml, respectivel…
  • Intraluminal deposits: A rare cause of glaucoma drainage implant total obstruction. [Journal Article]
    Eur J Ophthalmol. 2023 Jan; 33(1):307-311.Välimäki J, Nukareddy P, … Aapola U
  • CONCLUSIONS: Our study describes a new cause of total obstruction GDI tubes. The long-term use of timolol maleate and brinzolamide and their presence in the intraluminal solid sample collected from the blocked GDI tube suggest that the glaucoma medication may have a role in the pathogenesis. However, the exact mechanism is unknown and requires further studies.
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