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(Brachial plexus neuropathy)
4,324 results
  • Radial Motor Nerve Conduction Studies in the Upper Arm. [Journal Article]
    Muscle Nerve. 2020 Jun 18 [Online ahead of print]Khodulev VI, Nechipurenko NI, Shcharbina NY
  • CONCLUSIONS: CMAPs recorded over the extensor digitorum with stimulation at the brachial plexus represent the sum of the motor unit action potentials of the posterior and anterior forearm muscles.
  • StatPearls: Saturday Night Palsy [BOOK]
    . StatPearls Publishing: Treasure Island (FL) Ansari Faisal H. FH Scott and White Memorial Juergens Andrew L. AL Texas A&M BOOK
  • Saturday night palsy refers to a compressive neuropathy of the radial nerve that occurs from prolonged, direct pressure onto the upper medial arm or axilla by an object or surface. The radial nerve is composed of the C5 to T1 nerve roots, which arise from the posterior segment of the brachial nerve plexus. It initially runs deep to the axillary artery before passing inferior to the teres minor an…
  • Anatomical Variability Predisposed a Child to Permanent Brachial Plexopathy following Incidental Trauma. [Case Reports]
    Plast Reconstr Surg Glob Open. 2020 Apr; 8(4):e2804.Sharif-Askary B, Mantilla-Rivas E, … Rogers GF
  • Anatomic variations in peripheral nerves and the perineural environment are common and can contribute to acute or chronic neuropathy in certain individuals. Awareness of these variants is relevant to understanding both the etiopathogenesis and the increased susceptibility to nerve injury in some patients. We present a 4-year-old boy who sustained a permanent injury to the upper brachial plexus fr…
  • Neuralgic Amyotrophy Presenting with Multifocal Myonecrosis and Rhabdomyolysis. [Case Reports]
    Cureus. 2020 Mar 23; 12(3):e7382.Goetsch MR, Shen J, … Chatham W
  • Neuralgic amyotrophy (NA), also known as Parsonage-Turner syndrome, is an idiopathic disorder characterized by rapid-onset unilateral upper extremity pain, paralysis, and sensory disturbance in the distribution of the brachial plexus. The etiology is unknown, and there is a multitude of alternative clinical presentations as well as secondary triggers, which make the diagnosis challenging. To date…
  • [Axillary nerve injury associated with shoulder dislocation: case report]. [Case Reports]
    Acta Ortop Mex. 2019 May-Jun; 33(3):182-184.Ochoa-Castañeda E, González-Fang Y, Portilla-Maya D
  • Isolated lesion of the axillary (or circumflex) nerve is infrequent, this is usually associated with a brachial plexus injury. In our institution, in a period comprised between the years 2015-2017, a frequency of only 0.4% of this injury has been observed. Clinical case: Male patient of 31 years of age, with trauma in the right shoulder, caused by fall of his own height in work accident. The admi…
  • [Parsonage-Turner syndrome. Report of one case]. [Case Reports]
    Rev Med Chil. 2019 Oct; 147(10):1335-1339.Castillo G, Salazar J, … Ruiz H
  • We report a 59-year-old male who, three weeks after a coronary revascularization surgery, reported a sudden intense burning pain in his left upper limb. Two weeks later, he reports a paresis with difficulty to extend his left wrist and fingers. The electromyography showed a severe axonal damage of the radial nerve with distal denervation signs. This clinical picture probably corresponds to a neur…
  • Peri-operative brachial plexus injury following self-positioning for stereotactic radiofrequency ablation. [Case Reports]
    Anaesth Rep. 2019 Jul-Dec; 7(2):79-82.Hoerner E, Bale R, … Putzer D
  • A 71-year-old woman with a known accessory cervical rib and distinct scoliosis was scheduled for elective, percutaneous stereotactic radiofrequency ablation of a non-resectable intrahepatic cholangiocellular carcinoma. Patient positioning and fixation using a Bluebag fixation system (Medical Intelligence, Schwabmünchen, Germany) and a dedicated adjustable armrest were customised in the patient wh…
  • Functional outcomes of tendon transfer for brachial plexus birth palsy using the Hoffer technique. [Journal Article]
    Bone Joint J. 2020 Feb; 102-B(2):246-253.Alluri RK, Lightdale-Miric N, … Stevanovic M
  • CONCLUSIONS: Patients with BPBP who underwent the Hoffer procedure demonstrated significant improvement in postoperative ROM, strength, and functional outcome scores at mid-term follow-up. Patients younger than 2.5 years at the time of surgery generally had better functional outcomes. Limited preoperative external rotation strength and ROM were significantly associated with requirement for subsequent humeral derotational osteotomy. In our chort significant improvements in shoulder function were obtained after the Hoffer procedure for BPBP. Cite this article: Bone Joint J 2020;102-B(2):246-253.
  • StatPearls: Median Nerve Injury [BOOK]
    . StatPearls Publishing: Treasure Island (FL) Dydyk Alexander M. AM Abrazo Central Campus Negrete Guillermo G UAG Medical School Cascella Marco M Istituto Nazionale Tumori - IRCCS - Fondazione Pascale, Via Mariano Semmola 80100, Napoli. Italy BOOK
  • The median nerve also called the 'eye of the hand,' is a mixed nerve with a role of primary importance in the functionality of the hand. It innervates the group of flexor-pronator muscles in the forearm and most of the musculature present in the radial portion of the hand, controlling abduction of the thumb, flexion of the hand at the wrist, flexion of the digital phalanx of the fingers. Again th…
  • Brachial Plexitis After Stem Cell Transplant. [Case Reports]
    World Neurosurg. 2020 Apr; 136:74-76.Zakaria J, Prabhu VC
  • CONCLUSIONS: Brachial plexitis may follow peripheral stem cell transplantation. Awareness of this phenomenon is helpful to clinicians involved in the care of these patients.
  • Backpack palsy and other brachial plexus neuropathies in the military population. [Journal Article]
    J Peripher Nerv Syst. 2020 Mar; 25(1):27-31.Dorhout Mees SM, van Faals NL, van Alfen N
  • Brachial plexus neuropathy is often seen in the military population, especially due to pressure (backpack palsy, BPP) or idiopathic (neuralgic amyotrophy, NA). We aimed to gain insight in the disease characteristics of soldiers with brachial plexus neuropathies in the Dutch military population and to compare disease characteristics between patients with BPP and NA. In this retrospective chart rev…
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