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  • Evaluation of the Impact of Acidic Drink on the Microhardness of Different Esthetic Restorative Materials: An In Vitro Study. [Journal Article]
    J Contemp Dent Pract. 2020 Mar 01; 21(3):233-237.Moyin S, Lahiri B, … Kumar NN
  • CONCLUSIONS: The present study concludes that the esthetic restorative material-nanohybrid ormocer-based composite-showed the finest behavior both before and after being dipped in the acidic drink followed next by glasiosite compomer and nanoceramic composite.The various esthetic restorative materials with different physical characteristics and colors are marketed in numerous ways. Nevertheless, all dental restorative materials show surface degradation under acidic conditions over a period of time. So, it helps to know the surface microhardness changes of various esthetic restorative materials upon repeated exposure to acidic beverages.
  • Effects of high and low sucrose-containing beverages on blood glucose and hypoglycemic-like symptoms. [Journal Article]
    Physiol Behav. 2020 May 13; 222:112916.Markus CR, Rogers PJ
  • CONCLUSIONS: The current findings indicate that instead of a low (29 g) sugar-containing beverage, a high (80 g) sugar-containing beverage caused blood glucose concentrations to fall below baseline values almost reaching hypoglycemia levels at the end of measurements. There were no hypoglycemic-like behavioral symptoms including changes in appetite or mood: at least not at end of measurements +165 min after consumption. Since this might include that in particular consumption of high-glycemic index drinks could still promote symptoms in the longer run, further research is needed to explore possible hypoglycemic-like effects of high dosages of sugar-sweetened beverages across more extended/delayed time measurements.
  • Influence of the Coca-Cola Drinks on the Overall Color of Glazed or Polished Porcelain Veneers Fabricated from Different Materials and Thicknesses: An In Vitro Study. [Journal Article]
    J Contemp Dent Pract. 2020 Jan 01; 21(1):56-61.Abdalkadeer HK, Almarshedy SM, … Al Ghazali NA
  • CONCLUSIONS: Different porcelain materials have shown significant color changes after immersing and thermocycling in Coca-Cola drinks. The color changes of polished porcelain specimens were more considerable than those of polished specimens for all porcelain materials and thicknesses used. This suggests reglazing of all esthetic restoration after any adjustments might be performed and before final cementation in an attempt to maintain the color stability in oral environment.To achieve a perfect color stability of ceramic veneers, clinicians should take into consideration the possible color deviations that might result after any adjustment followed by polishing procedures to the ceramic surface. And, it is always preferable to do reglazing of porcelain restorations after any surface treatments and before final cementation.
  • Role of the Furosemide Stress Test in Renal Injury Prognosis. [Review]
    Int J Mol Sci. 2020 Apr 27; 21(9)Coca A, Aller C, … Bustamante-Munguira J
  • Risk stratification and accurate patient prognosis are pending issues in the management of patients with kidney disease. The furosemide stress test (FST) has been proposed as a low-cost, fast, safe, and easy-to-perform test to assess tubular integrity, especially when compared to novel plasma and urinary biomarkers. However, the findings regarding its clinical use published so far provide insuffi…
  • Enumeration and identification of bacterial spores in cocoa powders. [Journal Article]
    J Food Prot. 2020 Apr 26 [Online ahead of print]Eijlander R, Breitenwieser F, … Wells-Bennik MHJ
  • Presence of bacterial spores in cocoa powders is inevitable due to the cocoa bean fermentation process, during which members of the genus Bacillus and Geobacillus are typically present. Spores are a concern in heat treated foods when they survive heat treatments and the finished product supports germination, growth and potentially toxin production. In this study, available methods for the enumera…
  • Survival of Burkholderia pseudomallei and Pathogenic Leptospira in Cola, Beer, Energy Drinks, and Sports Drinks. [Journal Article]
    Am J Trop Med Hyg. 2020 Apr 06 [Online ahead of print]Wuthiekanun V, Amornchai P, … Limmathurotsakul D
  • Burkholderia pseudomallei and pathogenic Leptospira in contaminated drinking water can cause melioidosis and leptospirosis, respectively. Here, we evaluated their survival in beverages. We mixed six isolates (three isolates per organism) in four beverages (Coca-Cola®, Red Bull®, Singha® beer, and Gatorade®) and distilled water as the control at two final concentrations (1 × 107 colony-forming uni…
  • 1H, 13C, and 15N chemical shift assignment of human PACSIN1/syndapin I SH3 domain in solution. [Journal Article]
    Biomol NMR Assign. 2020 Mar 31 [Online ahead of print]Boll E, Cantrelle FX, … Levy G
  • Human neuron-specific PACSIN1 plays a key role in synaptic vesicle recycling and endocytosis, as well as reorganization of the microtubule dynamics to maintain axonal plasticity. PACSIN1 contains a highly conserved C-terminal SH3 domain and an F-bar domain at its N-terminus. Due to its remarkable interaction network, PACSIN1 plays a central role in key neuronal functions. Here, we present a robus…
  • Signal Transduction Pathways in Breast Cancer: The Important Role of PI3K/Akt/mTOR. [Review]
    J Oncol. 2020; 2020:9258396.Ortega MA, Fraile-Martínez O, … Coca S
  • Breast cancer is the cancer with the highest prevalence in women and is the number-one cause of cancer mortality worldwide. Cell transduction is a fundamental process in the development and progression of cancer. Modifications in various cell signalling pathways promote tumour cell proliferation, progression, and survival. The PI3K/Akt/mTOR pathway is an example of that, and it is involved in gro…
  • Rationale for reconsidering current regulations restricting use of hybrids in orange juice. [Review]
    Hortic Res. 2020; 7:38.Stover E, Gmitter FG, … Motamayor JC
  • Huanglongbing (HLB) is a disease that has devastated the Florida citrus industry, threatens the entire U.S. citrus industry, and globally is rapidly spreading. Florida's citrus production is 90% sweet orange, which is quite sensitive to HLB. The heavy reliance on sweet orange for Florida citrus production makes the industry especially vulnerable to diseases that are damaging to this type of citru…
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