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7,542 results
  • Local biomaterials-assisted cancer immunotherapy to trigger systemic antitumor responses. [Review]
    Chem Soc Rev 2019Chen Q, Chen M, Liu Z
  • Cancer immunotherapy by educating or stimulating patients' own immune systems to attack cancer cells has demonstrated promising therapeutic responses in the clinic. However, although the number of approved immunotherapeutics is rapidly increasing, key challenges such as limited clinical response rate and significant autoimmunity-related adverse effects remain to be resolved. Recently, it has been…
  • Single atom electrocatalysts supported on graphene or graphene-like carbons. [Review]
    Chem Soc Rev 2019; 48(20):5207-5241Fei H, Dong J, … Duan X
  • Electrocatalysis plays an essential role in diverse electrochemical energy conversion processes that are vital for improving energy utilization efficiency and mitigating the aggravating global warming challenge. The noble metals such as platinum are generally the most frequently used electrocatalysts to drive these reactions and facilitate the relevant energy conversion processes. The high cost a…
  • Is hippocampal remapping the physiological basis for context? [Journal Article]
    Hippocampus 2019Kubie JL, Levy ERJ, Fenton AA
  • In 1980, Nadel and Wilner extended Richard Hirsh's notion that the hippocampus creates environmental representations, called "contexts," suggesting that the fundamental structure of context was the spatial representation proposed by O'Keefe and Nadel's landmark book, The Hippocampus as a Cognitive Map (1978). This book, in turn, derives from the discovery that individual hippocampal neurons act a…
  • Stimulator of interferon genes agonists attenuate type I diabetes progression in NOD mice. [Journal Article]
    Immunology 2019Lemos H, Mohamed E, … Mellor AL
  • Reagents that activate the signaling adaptor stimulator of interferon genes (STING) suppress experimentally induced autoimmunity in murine models of multiple sclerosis and arthritis. In this study, we evaluated STING agonists as potential reagents to inhibit spontaneous autoimmune type I diabetes (T1D) onset in non-obese diabetic (NOD) female mice. Treatments with DNA nanoparticles (DNPs), which …
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