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14,035 results
  • Severe peripheral arterial diseases in hemodialysis patient: A case report. [Journal Article]
    Medicine (Baltimore) 2020; 99(4):e18760Li J, Yan M, … Wen R
  • CONCLUSIONS: The incidence of PADs is higher in dialysis patients due to a unique set of biochemical and endocrine abnormalities. As there is a high uremic status and PADs burden in patients with hemodialysis, the short term risk of cardiovascular disesase mortality markedly increases. There is a need for nephrologists and cardiovascular physicians to identify these patients and then provide early and proper treatment.
  • Use of ladle furnace slag containing heavy metals as a binding material in civil engineering. [Journal Article]
    Sci Total Environ 2020; 705:135854Xu B, Yi Y
  • The disposal of ladle furnace slag (ladle slag, LS) containing traces of heavy metals produced during steelmaking has become an environmental issue. The use of LS as a binding material in civil engineering is a potential solution. In this context, this study firstly attempted to activate LS with sodium hydroxide (NaOH), sodium sulfate (Na2SO4), and sodium metasilicate (Na2SiO3), and then blended …
  • Life and its traces in Antarctica's McMurdo Dry Valley paleolakes: a survey of preservation. [Journal Article]
    Micron 2019; 131:102818Greenfield SR, Tighe SW, … Johnson SS
  • The extremely cold and arid conditions of Antarctica make it uniquely positioned to investigate fundamental questions regarding the persistence of life in extreme environments. Within the McMurdo Dry Valleys and surrounding mountain ranges are multiple ancient relict lakes, paleolakes, with lacustrine deposits spanning from thousands to millions of years in age. Here we present data from light mi…
  • An In Vitro Assay of Disinfectants on the Viability of Heterakis gallinarum Eggs. [Journal Article]
    Avian Dis 2019; 63(3):511-513Cupo KL, Beckstead RB
  • Nematodes are widespread and common in poultry. Disinfectants are used to reduce infection rates in poultry houses, but there is little documentation of their effectiveness. An in vitro assay was developed to test the efficacy of products to damage Heterakis gallinarum eggs, and nine disinfectants and chemicals commonly used in the poultry industry were tested. Embryonated eggs of H. gallinarum w…
  • Histology and Raman spectroscopy of limed human remains from the Rwandan Genocide. [Journal Article]
    J Forensic Leg Med 2020; 70:101895Schotsmans EMJ, Wessling R, … Denton J
  • The Murambi Genocide Memorial Centre is one of the major centres in Rwanda that commemorate the 1994 Rwandan genocide. Seventeen months after the genocide, about 1000 excavated human remains were put on display in Murambi Technical School. Repeated efforts were made to desiccate the human remains with lime for educational reasons. The aim of this study was to assess their state of preservation an…
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