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25,524 results
  • Facets of externalizing psychopathology in relation to inhibitory control and error processing. [Journal Article]
    Int J Psychophysiol 2019McDonald JB, Bozzay ML, … Verona E
  • A prominent characteristic of externalizing psychopathology is the inability to suppress or modulate behavioral responses and impulses. These tendencies have been associated with cognitive indicators of inhibitory control (P3) and error processing (error-related negativity [ERN] and positivity [Pe]). However, the extent to which these trait-like components are characteristic of specific manifesta…
  • Multiple grafting to enzymatically synthesized polyesters. [Journal Article]
    Methods Enzymol 2019; 627:57-97Bilal MH, Alaneed R, … Kressler J
  • Enzymatic polymerization is an environmentally benign process for the synthesis of biodegradable and biocompatible polymers. The regioselectivity of lipase B from Candida Antarctica (CAL-B) produces linear functional polyesters without protection-deprotection steps. In this work, two different methods for the enzymatic synthesis of functional polyesters based on renewable resources, as, e.g., gly…
  • Nano-enhanced optical gene delivery to retinal degenerated mice. [Journal Article]
    Curr Gene Ther 2019Batabyal S, Gajjeraman S, … Mohanty S
  • CONCLUSIONS: With viral or other non-viral (e.g. electroporation, lipofection) methods, gene is de-livered everywhere, causing uncontrolled expression over the whole retina. This will cause com-plications in functioning of non-degenerated areas of retina. In the NOD method, contrast in temperature rise in laser-irradiated nanorod-attached cells at nano-hotspots is significant enough to allow site-specific delivery of large genes. The in-vitro and in-vivo results using NOD, clearly demonstrate in-vivo gene delivery and functional cellular expression in targeted retinal regions without compromising structural integrity of the eye or causing immune response.The successful delivery and expression of MCO in targeted retina after in-vivo NOD in the mice models of retinal degeneration opens new vista for re-photosensitizing retina with geographic atrophies such as in dry age-related macular degeneration.
  • The effect of Phase 1 periodontal treatment on the salivary RANKL/OPG ratio in severe chronic periodontitis. [Journal Article]
    Clin Cosmet Investig Dent 2019; 11:251-257Ansari Moghadam S, Sarani S, … Ansari Moghadam A
  • CONCLUSIONS: The results of this study showed a direct relationship between the R A N K L O P G ratio and the severity of periodontal disease. Phase 1 of periodontal treatment was found to be effective in reducing the R A N K L O P G ratio. In other words, the R A N K L O P G ratio can be a good predictor of treatment success. Further long-term studies with larger sample sizes are required for confirming these results.
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