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373,163 results
  • Peripheral Vascular Anomalies - Essentials in Periinterventional Imaging. [Journal Article]
    Rofo 2019Sadick M, Overhoff D, … Wohlgemuth WA
  • CONCLUSIONS: Guide to evaluation of flow dynamics in peripheral vascular anomalies, involving vascular malformations and vascular tumors with the intention to facilitate selection of periinterventional imaging modalities and diagnostic and therapeutic approach to vascular anomalies.· Peripheral vascular anomalies include vascular malformations and vascular tumors. Both entities represent a rare disease with an underlying congenital mesenchymal or angiogenetic disorder. · The role of periinterventional imaging is confirmation of the diagnosis by assessing the flow dynamics of the vascular anomaly. · Slow-flow congenital vascular anomalies include venous, lymphatic and venolymphatic malformations. Arteriovenous malformations are fast-flow vascular anomalies, whereas hemangiomas are fast-flow vascular tumors that are frequently associated with fast-flow arteriovenous shunts. The periinterventional imaging modalities of choice include dedicated MR protocols and CT with 4D perfusion imaging as well as invasive transcatheter angiography..
  • Associations of air pollution, obesity and cardiometabolic health in young adults: The Meta-AIR study. [Journal Article]
    Environ Int 2019; 133(Pt A):105180Kim JS, Chen Z, … Gilliland FD
  • CONCLUSIONS: Higher exposure to regional air pollutants, namely prior 1-year average NO2, was associated with higher fasting serum lipid measures. These associations were more pronounced in obese participants, suggesting obesity may exacerbate the effects of air pollution exposure on lipid levels in young adults. This study did not find any other associations between short- and long-term ambient and NRAP exposures across a range of other obesity and cardiometabolic indicators. Further studies in young adults are warranted as our study suggests potential deleterious associations of both short- and long-term air pollution exposures and lipid metabolism.
  • Strategies of locomotion composition. [Review]
    Curr Opin Insect Sci 2019; 36:140-148Corthals K, Moore S, Geurten BR
  • This review aims to highlight the importance of saccades during locomotion as a strategy to reduce sensory information loss while the subject is moving. Acquiring sensory data from the environment during movement results in a temporal flow of information, as the sensory precept changes with the position of the observer. Accordingly, the movement pattern shapes the sensory flow. Therefore, the req…
  • Microservice chatbot architecture for chronic patient support. [Journal Article]
    J Biomed Inform 2019; :103305Roca S, Sancho J, … Alesanco Á
  • Chatbots are able to provide support to patients suffering from very different conditions. Patients with chronic diseases or comorbidities could benefit the most from chatbots which can keep track of their condition, provide specific information, encourage adherence to medication, etc. To perform these functions, chatbots need a suitable underlying software architecture. In this paper, we introdu…
  • Phenotypic similarity for rare disease: ciliopathy diagnoses and subtyping. [Journal Article]
    J Biomed Inform 2019; :103308Chen X, Garcelon N, … Burgun A
  • Rare diseases are often hard and long to be diagnosed precisely, and most of them lack approved treatment. For some complex rare diseases, precision medicine approach is further required to stratify patients into homogeneous subgroups based on the clinical, biological or molecular features. In such situation, deep phenotyping of these patients and comparing their profiles based on subjacent simil…
  • Osteocalcin and its forms across the lifespan in adult men. [Journal Article]
    Bone 2019; :115085Smith C, Voisin S, … Levinger I
  • CONCLUSIONS: We have defined normal reference ranges for the OC forms in Australian men and demonstrated that the OC ratios may be better measures, than the absolute values, to identify the age-related changes on OC in men. These ratios may be incorporated into future research and clinical trials, and their associations with prediction of events, such as fracture or diabetes risk, should be determined.
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