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(Fehling solution)
24 results
  • Inhibition of Leishmania amazonensis arginase by fucogalactan isolated from Agrocybe aegerita mushroom. [Journal Article]
    Carbohydr Polym. 2018 Dec 01; 201:532-538.Motoshima RA, Rosa TDF, … Carbonero ER
  • The inhibition of arginase from Leishmania spp. is considered a promising approach to the leishmaniasis treatment. In this study, the potential of a fucogalactan isolated from the medicinal mushroom Agrocybe aegerita was evaluated against arginase (ARG) from Leishmania amazonensis. The polysaccharide was obtained via aqueous extraction, and purified by freeze thawing and precipitation with Fehlin…
  • Chemical structure of a partially 3-O-methylated mannofucogalactan from edible mushroom Grifola frondosa. [Journal Article]
    Carbohydr Polym. 2018 May 01; 187:110-117.Oliveira GKF, Silva EVD, … Carbonero ER
  • An unusual heteropolysaccharide was isolated from the fruiting bodies of the medicinal mushroom Grifola frondosa, via successive cold aqueous extraction, followed by fractionation through freeze-thawing, precipitation with Fehling solution and dialysis using a membrane with a size exclusion cut-off of 500 kDa. Its chemical structure was determined based on total acid hydrolysis, methylation analy…
  • Youth in crisis in the Middle East and North Africa: a systematic literature review and focused landscape analysis. [Review]
    East Mediterr Health J. 2016 Mar 15; 21(12):916-30.Fehling M, Jarrah ZM, … Nelson BD
  • Recent political and demographic factors have exposed the vulnerability of the youth in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. This study aimed to elucidate the current needs, activities, stakeholders and solutions related to at-risk youth and young adults in the MENA region. A systematic literature review was conducted of the peer-reviewed and grey literature. This was complemented by a…
  • Quantification of sugars in breakfast cereals using capillary electrophoresis. [Journal Article]
    Carbohydr Res. 2015 May 18; 408:134-41.Toutounji MR, Van Leeuwen MP, … Gaborieau M
  • About 80% of the Australian population consumes breakfast cereal (BC) at least five days a week. With high prevalence rates of obesity and other diet-related diseases, improved methods for monitoring sugar levels in breakfast cereals would be useful in nutrition research. The heterogeneity of the complex matrix of BCs can make carbohydrate analysis challenging or necessitate tedious sample prepar…
  • Unusual partially 3-O-methylated alpha-galactan from mushrooms of the genus Pleurotus. [Journal Article]
    Phytochemistry. 2008 Jan; 69(1):252-7.Carbonero ER, Gracher AH, … Iacomini M
  • Indistinguishable partially 3-O-methylated galactans were isolated from the edible basidiomycetes Pleurotus eryngii and Pleurotus ostreatoroseus. They were obtained via successive aqueous extraction, freeze-thawing, precipitation with Fehling solution of soluble material, and ultrafiltration. Mono- and bidimensional 13C and 1H-nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy (HMBC, HETEROTOCSY, COSY, and …
  • Purification of guar gum for biological applications. [Journal Article]
    Int J Biol Macromol. 2007 Aug 01; 41(3):324-31.Cunha PL, Paula RC, Feitosa JP
  • Commercial guar gum (GG) was purified by four different methods and characterized by gel permeation chromatography (GPC), thermogravimetric analysis and the determination of monosaccharides composition, protein and copper content, turbidity, intrinsic viscosity and rheological parameters. The first method was based on enzymatic hydrolysis with porcine pancreatin. In the second method successive g…
  • Elucidation of polysaccharide origin in Ramalina peruviana symbiosis. [Journal Article]
    FEMS Microbiol Lett. 2004 Sep 01; 238(1):79-84.Cordeiro LM, Stocker-Wörgötter E, … Iacomini M
  • A structural elucidation of polysaccharides extracted from the aposymbiotically cultured mycobiont of the lichen Ramalina peruviana was carried out in order to determine whether the polysaccharides found previously in the symbiotic thalli are produced by the mycobiont or photobiont or both. The mycobiont isolate was cultivated on a solid malt-yeast extract-medium and the freeze-dried colonies wer…
  • Simultaneous determination of maltose and glucose using a screen-printed electrode system. [Journal Article]
    Biosens Bioelectron. 1998 Mar 01; 13(3-4):333-9.Ge F, Zhang XE, … Zhang XM
  • A screen-printed sensor system consisting of a glucose oxidase (GOD) electrode and an amyloglucosidase/glucose oxidase (A/G) electrode was constructed to determine maltose and glucose simultaneously in a mixture. Sensor construction was optimised so that it contained 20 units of GOD/40 units of amyloglucosidase and 0.2 mM 1,1'-ferrocenedimethanol. These components were deposited onto a screen-pri…
  • An unusual glucomannan from Tornabenia intricata. [Journal Article]
    Phytochemistry. 1992 Oct; 31(10):3467-70.Teixeira AZ, Iacomini M, Gorin PA
  • Mannose-containing polysaccharides of 18 lichen species were prepared via successive alkaline extraction, precipitation with Fehling solution and fractional precipitation with Cetavlon. Products from Fehling and Cetavlon precipitation, the latter at pH 8.5 in the presence of borax, were structurally similar, except with those of Usnea sp., U. meridionalis, Parmotrema araucaria and Evernia prunast…
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