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87 results
  • Soil Warming Accelerates Biogeochemical Silica Cycling in a Temperate Forest. [Journal Article]
    Front Plant Sci 2019; 10:1097Gewirtzman J, Tang J, … Carey JC
  • Biological cycling of silica plays an important role in terrestrial primary production. Soil warming stemming from climate change can alter the cycling of elements, such as carbon and nitrogen, in forested ecosystems. However, the effects of soil warming on the biogeochemical cycle of silica in forested ecosystems remain unexplored. Here we examine long-term forest silica cycling under ambient an…
  • From canopy to seed: Loss of snow drives directional changes in forest composition. [Journal Article]
    Ecol Evol 2019; 9(14):8157-8174Bisbing SM, Buma BJ, … Bidlack AL
  • Climate change is altering the conditions for tree recruitment, growth, and survival, and impacting forest community composition. Across southeast Alaska, USA, and British Columbia, Canada, Callitropsis nootkatensis (Alaska yellow-cedar) is experiencing extensive climate change-induced canopy mortality due to fine-root death during soil freezing events following warmer winters and the loss of ins…
  • A Twist-Assisted Biphenyl Photosensitizer Passable Through Glucose Channel. [Journal Article]
    Chem Asian J 2019; 14(12):2067-2071Tsuga Y, Katou M, … Yuasa H
  • While the development of low-molecular-weight drugs is saturating, agents for photodynamic therapies (PDTs) may become alternative seeds in pharmaceutical industry. Among them, orally administrative, cancer-selective, and side effect-free photosensitizers (PSs) that can be activated by tissue-penetrative near-infrared (NIR) lights are strongly demanded. We discovered such a PS from scratch by foc…
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