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43,689 results
  • Thyroid involvement in Chanarin-Dorfman syndrome in adults in the largest series of patients carrying the same founder mutation in ABHD5 gene. [Journal Article]
  • OJOrphanet J Rare Dis 2019 May 22; 14(1):112
  • Louhichi N, Bahloul E, … Turki H
  • CONCLUSIONS: Aside from the congenital ichthyosiform erythroderma, the most common symptom of CDS, in addition to other organs involvement frequently reported in the literature, we described thyroid dysfunction, an unreported feature, probably related to the lipid infiltration of the thyroid parenchyma. The association found between age and hypothyroidism in CDS patients could explain the gradually development of thyroid disease with age.We reported a thyroid dysfunction and unreported ultrasonographic aspects of kidneys and cerebral MRI in CDS patients.
  • Novel Sodium/Iodide Symporter Compound Heterozygous Pathogenic Variants Causing Dyshormonogenic Congenital Hypothyroidism. [Journal Article]
  • TThyroid 2019 May 22
  • Martín M, Bernal Barquero CE, … Nicola JP
  • CONCLUSIONS: Sanger sequencing revealed non-previously reported compound heterozygous missense SLC5A5 gene variants (c.991G>A, p.D331N and c.1.641C>A, p.S547R). Notably, these variants have not been reported in public databases (i.e. Exome Aggregation Consortium, 1000 Genomes, and Single Nucleotide Polymorphism). In silico analysis using prediction softwares (i.e. SIFT, Polyphen-2, and MutationTaster2) support the pathologic significance of p.D331N and p.S547R NIS. Moreover, functional in vitro studies demonstrate that D331N and S547R NIS severely reduce iodide uptake when the proteins are heterologously expressed in HEK-293T cells because of a pronounced impairment of D331N and S547R NIS targeting to the plasma membrane. Of note, a charged residue at position 331 and a serine residue at position 547-which are highly conserved in SLC5A family members-are required for NIS plasma membrane targeting.We report two novel missense pathogenic variants in a compound heterozygous state in the SLC5A5 gene, detected through Sanger sequencing, in a pediatric female patient with dyshormonogenic congenital hypothyroidism.
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