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5,006 results
  • How moles walk; it's all thumbs. [Journal Article]
    Biol Lett 2019; 15(10):20190503Lin YF, Konow N, Dumont ER
  • A recurring theme in the evolution of tetrapods is the shift from sprawling posture with laterally orientated limbs to erect posture with the limbs extending below the body. However, in order to invade particular locomotor niches, some tetrapods secondarily evolved a sprawled posture. This includes moles, some of the most specialized digging tetrapods. Although their forelimb anatomy and posture …
  • Oral masses in African pygmy hedgehogs. [Journal Article]
    J Vet Diagn Invest 2019; 31(6):864-867Del Aguila G, Torres CG, … Cifuentes FF
  • African pygmy hedgehogs (Atelerix albiventris) frequently develop oral neoplasms, and most of these neoplasms are malignant. We characterized oral masses detected in hedgehogs at clinical examination. During a 1-y period, we diagnosed oral cavity masses in 27 privately owned hedgehogs; 16 were female and 11 were male, with ages of 2-7 y (mean: 4.3 y). Eight masses were non-neoplastic and were dia…
  • Analysis of a novel RNA virus in a wild northern white-breasted hedgehog (Erinaceus roumanicus). [Journal Article]
    Arch Virol 2019; 164(12):3065-3071Reuter G, Várallyay É, … Pankovics P
  • Tombusviruses are generally considered plant viruses. A novel tombus-/carmotetravirus-like RNA virus was identified in a faecal sample and blood and muscle tissues from a wild northern white-breasted hedgehog (Erinaceus roumanicus). The complete genome of the virus, called H14-hedgehog/2015/HUN (GenBank accession number MN044446), is 4,118 nucleotides in length with a readthrough stop codon of ty…
  • Karyotype Analysis of the New Talpa Species Talpa aquitania (Talpidae; Insectivora) from Northern Spain. [Journal Article]
    Cytogenet Genome Res 2019; 159(1):26-31Gutiérrez J, Aleix-Mata G, … Sánchez A
  • Karyotypes of 3 male Talpa specimens from northern Spain were analyzed. The mesostyles of upper molars and cytochrome b sequence analysis identified these specimens as belonging to Talpa aquitania, a new Talpa species recently described from northern Spain and southern France. We describe here for the first time the karyotype of Talpa aquitania. Its diploid number is 2n = 34 and NFa = 64, and all…
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