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(Koebner phenomenon)
383 results
  • StatPearls: Koebner Phenomenon [BOOK]
    StatPearls Publishing: Treasure Island (FL) Sanchez Daniela P. DP Boston University School of Medicine Sonthalia Sidharth S SKINNOCENCE: The Skin Clinic BOOK
  • The Koebner phenomenon (KP), first described in 1876 by Heinrich Koebner, is the appearance of new skin lesions on previously unaffected skin secondary to trauma.[1] This phenomenon is also termed the isomorphic (from Greek, “equal shape”) response, given the fact that the new lesions that appear are clinically and histologically identical to the patient’s underlying cutaneous disease.[2] In othe…
  • Coexistence of Anogenital Psoriasis and Genital Warts - Is There an Optimal Treatment? [Journal Article]
    Acta Dermatovenerol Croat 2019; 27(4):270-272Ljubojević Hadžavdić S, Budinšćak A, … Skerlev M
  • The prevalence of psoriasis is 2% of the world's population (1). Inverse psoriasis is characterized by the development of erythematous shiny plaques at intertriginous areas of the body. The prevalence of only anogenital involvement appears to be low, but involvement of the anogenital area together with other areas is found in up to 45% of patients with psoriasis (2). A 21-year-old female student …
  • [Cervical spinal sarcoidosis mimicking compressive cervical myelopathy: Poor prognosis after surgery]. [Journal Article]
    Rev Med Interne 2019Urbain F, Labeyrie C, … Noel N
  • CONCLUSIONS: In patients with compressive cervical myelopathy, leptomeningeal contrast enhancement, a T2-weighted hypersignal exceeding the compression level on MRI, and the presence of extraneurological symptoms should point to inflammatory disease. These rare manifestations may be the first symptoms of sarcoidosis and should be recognized to avoid harmful surgical procedures and to provide appropriate medical treatment.
  • Reverse Koebner Phenomenon in Bullous Pemphigoid - A Case Report. [Case Reports]
    Indian Dermatol Online J 2019 Nov-Dec; 10(6):692-694Mohapatra L, Samal K, … Dash S
  • Reverse Koebner response is the nonappearance or disappearance of the lesions of particular dermatoses at the site of injury. Herein we report a case of the reverse Koebner phenomenon in bullous pemphigoid in a 35-year-old male patient with sparing of the waist area which could probably be because of the phenomenon of locus majoris resistentiae. The histopathology of the lesion showed subepiderma…
  • Koebner phenomenon leading to the formation of new psoriatic lesions: evidences and mechanisms. [Journal Article]
    Biosci Rep 2019; 39(12)Ji YZ, Liu SR
  • Koebner phenomenon refers to the emergence of new psoriatic lesions in the healthy skin regions following an injury/trauma to psoriatic patients. The occurrence of psoriatic lesions at unusual areas of the body regions such as on penis, around eyes and on keloids suggest that the Koebner phenomenon may be responsible for these lesions. A number of agents/triggers have been reported to induce the …
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