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(Lyon hypothesis)
5,366 results
  • Age-related clonal haemopoiesis is associated with increased epigenetic age. [Letter]
    Curr Biol 2019; 29(16):R786-R787Robertson NA, Hillary RF, … Chandra T
  • Age-related clonal haemopoiesis (ARCH) in healthy individuals was initially observed through an increased skewing in X-chromosome inactivation [1]. More recently, several groups reported that ARCH is driven by somatic mutations [2], with the most prevalent ARCH mutations being in the DNMT3A and TET2 genes, previously described as drivers of myeloid malignancies. ARCH is associated with an increas…
  • Unexpected categories at risk of S. aureus nasal carriage among hospital workers. [Journal Article]
    Int J Hyg Environ Health 2019Boisset S, Saadatian-Elahi M, … Bouchiat C
  • CONCLUSIONS: To the best of our knowledge we report here for the first time that semi-skilled workers and BETs are specifically more at risk of S. aureus nasal colonisation. This striking finding urges hospital hygiene departments to evaluate this specific professional category and implement strategies to improve hygiene awareness.
  • Influence of head morphology and natural postures on sound localization cues in crocodilians. [Journal Article]
    R Soc Open Sci 2019; 6(7):190423Papet L, Grimault N, … Mathevon N
  • As top predators, crocodilians have an acute sense of hearing that is useful for their social life and for probing their environment in hunting situations. Although previous studies suggest that crocodilians are able to localize the position of a sound source, how they do this remains largely unknown. In this study, we measured the potential monaural sound localization cues (head-related transfer…
  • Spatial Cues Influence Time Estimations in Deaf Individuals. [Journal Article]
    iScience 2019; 19:369-377Amadeo MB, Campus C, … Gori M
  • Recent studies have reported a strong interaction between spatial and temporal representation when visual experience is missing: blind people use temporal representation of events to represent spatial metrics. Given the superiority of audition on time perception, we hypothesized that when audition is not available complex temporal representations could be impaired, and spatial representation of e…
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