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35 results
  • Stoma-Related Complications Following Ostomy Surgery in 3 Acute Care Hospitals: A Cohort Study. [Journal Article]
    J Wound Ostomy Continence Nurs. 2020 Jan/Feb; 47(1):32-38.Pearson R, Knight SR, … Macdonald AM
  • CONCLUSIONS: Our prospective multicenter study demonstrated that stoma-related complications are similar irrespective of whether the stoma was formed via an elective surgery or emergency surgery. Nighttime symptoms of leakage, soiling, and emptying were high post-stoma formation, particularly in the ileostomy group, and worsened over the 2-year period. Findings from our study highlight the presence and persistence of complications. We believe our work highlights the importance of having frequent discussions with patients about making decisions about approaches to reduce complications to enhance patient outcomes.
  • Progressive recruitment of distal MEC-4 channels determines touch response strength in C. elegans. [Journal Article]
    J Gen Physiol. 2019 10 07; 151(10):1213-1230.Katta S, Sanzeni A, … Goodman MB
  • Touch deforms, or strains, the skin beyond the immediate point of contact. The spatiotemporal nature of the touch-induced strain fields depend on the mechanical properties of the skin and the tissues below. Somatosensory neurons that sense touch branch out within the skin and rely on a set of mechano-electrical transduction channels distributed within their dendrites to detect mechanical stimuli.…
  • Canaliform median raphe cysts (MRCs) lined by squamous epithelium in a 5 year old male patient; report of a rare case and comprehensive review of the literature. [Case Reports]
    Folia Med Cracov. 2017; 57(4):55-62.Patoulias D, Kalogirou M, … Patoulias I
  • CONCLUSIONS: a) preventive removal of MRCs is considered as the safest treatment option, in order to be avoided future, potential complications regarding urination and sexual intercourse, b) if therapeutic intervention is delayed, especially a er development of inflammation of MRCs, then the likelihood both of iatrogenic injury to underlying structures, mainly to the penile or perineal urethra, and of relapse a er resection increases significantly and c) if orchidopexy precedes the development of MRCs, the possibility of presence of ovarian serous border line tumor with Müllerian duct remnants should always be excluded.
  • Magnetic nanoparticle-mediated isolation of functional bacteria in a complex microbial community. [Journal Article]
    ISME J. 2015 Mar; 9(3):603-14.Zhang D, Berry JP, … Huang WE
  • Although uncultured microorganisms have important roles in ecosystems, their ecophysiology in situ remains elusive owing to the difficulty of obtaining live cells from their natural habitats. In this study, we employed a novel magnetic nanoparticle-mediated isolation (MMI) method to recover metabolically active cells of a group of previously uncultured phenol degraders, Burkholderiales spp., from…
  • Crooked Timber: The life of Calvin Wells (1908-1978). [Historical Article]
    J Med Biogr. 2014 May; 22(2):82-9.Waldron T
  • Calvin Wells was the leading palaeopathologist in the UK between the later 1950s and the early 1970s. He studied medicine at University College London but failed in anatomy and qualified in 1933 with the Conjoint Diploma (MRCS, LRCP). After qualification he began to study obstetrics and after war service in the RAMC he settled in Norfolk (UK), established a small general practice and took up pala…
  • Permeability properties of the teleost gill epithelium under ion-poor conditions. [Journal Article]
    Am J Physiol Regul Integr Comp Physiol. 2012 Mar 15; 302(6):R727-39.Chasiotis H, Kolosov D, Kelly SP
  • Permeability properties of the goldfish gill epithelium were examined in vivo and in vitro following exposure to ion-poor water (IPW) conditions. In gill tissue of IPW-acclimated goldfish, transcript abundance of tight junction (TJ) proteins occludin, claudin-b, -d, -e, -h, -7, and -8d increased, whereas ZO-1 and claudin 12 mRNA decreased and claudin-c was unaltered. In association with these cha…
  • Molecular Imaging and Contrast Agent Database (MICAD): 99mTc-Diethylenetriaminepentaacetic acid-mannosyl-dextran [BOOK]
    . National Center for Biotechnology Information (US): Bethesda (MD)Cheng KT, Vera DR, … Leung KBOOK
  • 99mTc-Diethylenetriaminepentaacetic-mannosyl-dextran (99mTc-DTPA-mannosyl-dextran) is a 99mTc-labeled molecular imaging agent designed for sentinel lymph node (SLN) detection and mapping with a gamma-detecting probe or gamma imaging (1-6). 99mTc-DTPA-Mannosyl-dextran binds specifically to the macrophage mannose (mannose-fucose) receptors (MRCs) or mannose binding protein (MBP). It is currently an…
  • Organizer-like reticular stromal cell layer common to adult secondary lymphoid organs. [Journal Article]
    J Immunol. 2008 Nov 01; 181(9):6189-200.Katakai T, Suto H, … Shimizu A
  • Mesenchymal stromal cells are crucial components of secondary lymphoid organs (SLOs). Organogenesis of SLOs involves specialized stromal cells, designated lymphoid tissue organizer (LTo) in the embryonic anlagen; in the adult, several distinct stromal lineages construct elaborate tissue architecture and regulate lymphocyte compartmentalization. The relationship between the LTo and adult stromal c…
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