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(Multinodular goiter)
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  • Therapeutic plasma exchange in hyperthyroidism prior to surgery. [Journal Article]
    J Endocrinol Invest. 2022 Aug 13 [Online ahead of print]Kirkizlar HO, Celik M
  • CONCLUSIONS: The American Society for Apheresis guideline, which is the most referenced guideline, mentions the utilization of TPE before thyroid surgery, only in patients with thyrotoxicosis despite the wider necessity of this treatment choice under the condition of uncontrolled hyperthyroidism prior to any kind of surgery. We concluded that TPE is a reliable and effective application in patients with hyperthyroidism before any surgical procedure, according to our study results.
  • A Case Report of Pulmonary Embolism Caused by Substernal Goiter. [Case Reports]
    Cureus. 2022 Jul; 14(7):e26581.Liu H, Chow M
  • Substernal goiter is overall an uncommon disease. Obstructive symptoms can occasionally develop in older patients with a longstanding history of goiter. Here, we describe a rare case of pulmonary embolism presenting as a complication of benign substernal goiter in a young patient without preceding recognized thyroid disease. After three separate biopsies, surgical resection was eventually perform…
  • Synchronous papillary-medullary thyroid microcarcinoma: a case report. [Case Reports]
    AME Case Rep. 2022; 6:27.Medam RR, Castro G, … Neychev VK
  • CONCLUSIONS: Synchronous papillary-medullary thyroid carcinoma is a rare finding that should be considered in patients with symptomatic multinodular thyroid goiters. It is important to report this case to increase awareness and improve our understanding and management of these unusual carcinomas in the future.
  • Incidental paratracheal lymph node lung adenocarcinoma in a patient with goiter: a case report. [Case Reports]
    AME Case Rep. 2022; 6:29.Kwak HV, Banks KC, … Velotta JB
  • CONCLUSIONS: Noteworthy to this case is the minimally invasive thoracoscopic approach preventing the need for median sternotomy and preventing any increased morbidity for the patient's incidentally found TxN3M0 lung adenocarcinoma. The patient could have been spared resection of the lymph node given its pulmonary origin as the standard of care for stage IIIB non-small cell lung cancer is definitive chemoradiation and adjuvant immunotherapy.
  • Tension-free thyroidectomy (TFT): initial report. [Journal Article]
    Updates Surg. 2022 Aug 01 [Online ahead of print]Sleptsov I, Chernikov R, … Knyazeva P
  • The safety of thyroid surgery in terms of recurrent laryngeal nerve palsy and hypoparathyroidism has increased over the last decade. In this study, we present a new method of tension-free thyroidectomy (TFT), which could be used to further decrease the complication rate after a thyroidectomy. The procedure is based on the medial approach to the recurrent laryngeal nerve and the parathyroid glands…
  • [Clinical-epidemiological profile of patients with thyrotoxic periodic paralysis in two peruvian hospitals]. [Journal Article]
    Rev Med Inst Mex Seguro Soc. 2022 Jul 04; 60(4):379-387.Paz-Ibarra JL, Sáenz-Bustamante SM, … Concepción-Zavaleta MJ
  • CONCLUSIONS: We consider that this condition should be suspected in any young male patient of any ethnicity with acute muscle weakness, associated with low serum potassium levels and symptoms of thyrotoxicosis, although its absence should not rule out the diagnosis. The precipitating factor should be identified as much as possible and initial therapy with propanolol with or without intravenous or oral potassium replacement should be established, with adequate subsequent monitoring to minimize the risk of rebound hyperkalemia.
  • The clinical characteristics and outcomes of patients with pulmonary hypertension in association with hyperthyroid state: A systematic review. [Journal Article]
    Medicine (Baltimore). 2022 Jul 01; 101(26):e29832.Ata F, Khan AA, … Zahid M
  • CONCLUSIONS: PHTN can be present at the initial diagnosis of HTH, which is associated with better outcomes of PHTN. There is a clear female preponderance in the development of PHTN. However, resolution rates seem to be better in males. Although TRAB is associated with the development of PHTN, it does not seem to affect the outcomes. PHTN in patients with HTH does not need any specific management, with >90% resolution with antithyroid therapy. Whether any specific antithyroid therapy has a better outcome in PHTN needs to be explored prospectively.
  • Primary Burkitt lymphoma of the thyroid associated with Hashimoto's thyroiditis. [Case Reports]
    BMJ Case Rep. 2022 Jun 07; 15(6)Bergsma P, Riemenschnitter C, … Brand Y
  • Primary Burkitt lymphoma of the thyroid is an extremely rare entity with only a few reported cases. A female patient in her 70s with Hashimoto's thyroiditis presented with a 2-month history of progressive left-sided neck swelling. Ultrasound examination revealed a multinodular goitre and fine needle aspiration (FNA) showed no signs of malignancy. The rapid growth of the thyroid mass raised the co…
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