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6,809 results
  • Sleep-Related Drug Therapy in Special Conditions: Children. [Review]
  • SMSleep Med Clin 2018; 13(2):251-262
  • Economou NT, Ferini-Strambi L, Steiropoulos P
  • Sleep disorders in children may lead to neurodevelopmental and neurocognitive deficits; it is important to diagnose and treat them properly. Apart from the existing challenges in diagnosis, another d...
  • NREM parasomnias: a treatment approach based upon a retrospective case series of 512 patients. [Journal Article]
  • SMSleep Med 2018 Apr 10
  • Drakatos P, Marples L, … Leschziner G
  • CONCLUSIONS: The treatment approach to effective treatment of the patients with Non-REM parasomnias or POD offering first sleep hygiene advice, next treatment of concurrent sleep disorders and management of other priming factors like stress and anxiety, and lastly pharmacotherapy for Non-REM parasomnia is supported by our results. Non pharmacological interventions were effective in one third of our patients, and CBT/MBSR and melatonin appeared promising new treatments.
  • L-Tryptophan As Treatment for Pediatric Non-Rapid Eye Movement Parasomnia. [Journal Article]
  • JCJ Child Adolesc Psychopharmacol 2018 May 09
  • van Zyl LT, Chung SA, … Shapiro CM
  • CONCLUSIONS: This study finds that parasomnias in children are not benign and that treatment with L-tryptophan provides a favorable outcome. Children diagnosed with parasomnia had altered sleep architecture, were more fatigued, and endorsed depressive symptoms. This study supports the need to diagnose and treat parasomnias in children.
  • StatPearls [BOOK]
  • BOOKStatPearls Publishing: Treasure Island (FL)
  • Van Horn Ngoc L. NL University of Texas- Southwestern/Dallas Childrens Medical Center Street Megan M UT Southwestern
  • Night terrors are a common preschool-aged sleep disorder in which a child quickly wakes up from sleep in a terrified state. For the majority of the episodes, the child will not recall this event ever...
  • Can subjective sleep problems detect latent sleep disorders among commercial drivers? [Journal Article]
  • AAAccid Anal Prev 2018; 115:62-72
  • Lemke MK, Apostolopoulos Y, … Sönmez S
  • CONCLUSIONS: Using subjective sleep problems to detect latent sleep disorders among long-haul truck drivers may be a timely and effective way to screen this highly mobile occupational segment. This approach should constitute one component of comprehensive efforts to diagnose and treat sleep disorders among commercial transport operators.
  • Non-Rapid Eye Movement Sleep Parasomnias and Migraine: A Role of Orexinergic Projections. [Journal Article]
  • FNFront Neurol 2018; 9:95
  • Messina A, Bitetti I, … Carotenuto M
  • CONCLUSIONS: Serotonergic neurons of the MR nuclei receive an excitatory input from hypothalamic orexin/hypocretin neurons and reciprocally inhibit orexin/hypocretin neurons through the serotonin 1A receptor (or 5-HT1A receptor). Considering this complex system, if there is an alteration it may facilitate the pathophysiological mechanisms involved in the migraine, while it may produce at the same time an alteration of the sleep-wake rhythm, causing sleep disorders such as sleepwalking. Understanding the complex mechanisms underlying migraine and sleep disorders and how these mechanisms can interact with each other, it would be crucial to pave the way for new therapeutic strategies.
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