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  • Status of Herpes Zoster and Herpes Zoster Vaccines in 2023: A position paper. [Review]
    Rev Esp Quimioter. 2023 Feb 08 [Online ahead of print]Molero García JM, Moreno Guillén S, … Bouza E
  • Herpes zoster infection (HZ) is an important public health problem due to its high incidence and frequent complications, especially post-herpetic neuropathy . The incidence of HZ increases with age and is more frequent in immunocompromised patients. It is estimated that at least 60,000 people develop HZ each year in Spain. The usual forms of HZ are so clinically characteristic that they do not us…
  • Significant Improvement in Blood Pressure Levels Among Older Adults With Hypertension in Rural South Africa. [Journal Article]
    Hypertension. 2023 Feb 08 [Online ahead of print]Ferro EG, Abrahams-Gessel S, … Gaziano TA
  • CONCLUSIONS: The hypertension prevalence and incidence are plateauing in this aging cohort. There was a statistically and clinically significant decline in mean blood pressure and a substantial increase in individuals with controlled hypertension on medication. The prevalence of cardiometabolic risk factors did not decrease over time, suggesting that the blood pressure decrease is likely due to increased medication access and adherence, promoted by local health systems.
  • Trajectories of neurodevelopment and opportunities for intervention across the lifespan in congenital heart disease. [Review]
    Child Neuropsychol. 2023 Feb 08 [Online ahead of print]Sanz JH, Cox S, … Schlatterer S
  • Children with congenital heart disease (CHD) are at increased risk for neurodevelopmental challenges across the lifespan. These are associated with neurological changes and potential acquired brain injury, which occur across a developmental trajectory and which are influenced by an array of medical, sociodemographic, environmental, and personal factors. These alterations to brain development lead…
  • Loneliness-a clinical primer. [Journal Article]
    Br Med Bull. 2023 Feb 07 [Online ahead of print]Lederman Z
  • CONCLUSIONS: due to increased individualization and incidence of infectious diseases, loneliness is likely to become even more prevalent.more research is needed to further elucidate the health impacts of loneliness as well as to find evidence-based interventions to prevent and mitigate loneliness that could then be implemented by policy-makers and clinicians.
  • Baseline characteristics of the North American prodromal Synucleinopathy cohort. [Journal Article]
    Ann Clin Transl Neurol. 2023 Feb 08 [Online ahead of print]Elliott JE, Lim MM, … North American Prodromal Synucleinopathy (NAPS) Consortium
  • CONCLUSIONS: These RBD participants, assessed with extensive history, demographic, cognitive, motor, sensory, and autonomic function demonstrated a lack of sex differences and high frequency of concomitant neurological abnormalities. These participants will be valuable for future longitudinal study and neuroprotective clinical trials.
  • Images in Immunotherapy and Precision Oncology: Angiosarcoma of the Spleen and Liver. [Case Reports]
    J Immunother Precis Oncol. 2023 Feb; 6(1):56-58.Deshpande A, Munoz J, … Kurzrock R
  • Primary splenic or hepatic angiosarcomas are ultra-rare and aggressive malignancies associated with poor prognosis. The mainstay treatments are surgical resection and chemotherapy. We report a case of angiosarcoma in a 50-year-old woman who presented with bruising, fatigue, ecchymosis, and hepatosplenomegaly. She was treated with the multi-kinase inhibitor sunitinib for 4 weeks before developing …
  • Advances in methods to analyse cardiolipin and their clinical applications. [Journal Article]
    Trends Analyt Chem. 2022 Dec; 157:116808.Bautista JS, Falabella M, … Pitceathly RDS
  • Cardiolipin (CL) is a mitochondria-exclusive phospholipid, primarily localised within the inner mitochondrial membrane, that plays an essential role in mitochondrial architecture and function. Aberrant CL content, structure, and localisation have all been linked to impaired mitochondrial activity and are observed in the pathophysiology of cancer and neurological, cardiovascular, and metabolic dis…
  • Late-onset efavirenz toxicity: A descriptive study from Pretoria, South Africa. [Journal Article]
    South Afr J HIV Med. 2023; 24(1):1439.Munsami L, Schutte CM, … Hiesgen J
  • CONCLUSIONS: Late-onset efavirenz toxicity typically presented with ataxia and encephalopathy, but psychosis can be the presenting feature. The outcome after withdrawal was good, but the mortality of 10.0% is concerning. Recent changes in guidelines favour dolutegravir, but many patients remain on efavirenz, and awareness of the condition is vital.
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