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  • Mycobacterium avium pleuritis with multiple nodules in the pleura. [Case Reports]
    Respirol Case Rep. 2020 Aug; 8(6):e00608.Ogata H, Harada E, … Matsumoto K
  • As opposed to tuberculosis, pleurisy hardly develops in patients with nontuberculous mycobacteria (NTM) infection. In spite of increasing prevalence of NTM infection, little is known about thoracoscopic or pathological findings of the NTM-infected pleura. We now report the first case of NTM pleuritis with multiple granulomatous nodules in the pleura. A 74-year-old woman was admitted to our hospit…
  • Unilateral pleural effusion with capillary haemangioma. [Case Reports]
    Respirol Case Rep. 2020 Aug; 8(6):e00613.Kadota N, Murakami M, … Tamura T
  • Here, we report a case of haemangioma on middle mediastinum accompanied by unilateral pleural effusion, which was initially suspected to be lung cancer and pleurisy. During annual check-up, chest radiography of a 30-year-old female showed homogeneous opacity in the left lower pulmonary field. Excision was performed, and the mass was pathologically diagnosed as benign mediastinal vascular tumour w…
    Acta Clin Croat. 2019 Dec; 58(4):590-594.Lampalo M, Jukić I, … Popović-Grle S
  • During a two-year period (2001-2003), 464 patients were treated for tuberculosis at Jordanovac Department for Lung Diseases in Croatia. Besides pulmonary tuberculosis in 97.7% of patients, patients were also treated for tuberculous pleurisy (0.9%), tuberculous laryngitis (0.6%), tuberculous meningitis (0.2%), tuberculous pericarditis (0.2%) and urogenital tuberculosis (0.4%). Out of the total num…
  • Tuberculosis-associated chylothorax revealing an enlarged lymphatic duct due to tuberculosis lymphadenitis. [Case Reports]
    Respirol Case Rep. 2020 Aug; 8(6):e00600.Honda K, Saraya T, … Ishii H
  • A 77-year-old woman presented to our hospital with complaints of persistent cough and low-grade fever for two months. On radiological analysis, she had moderate right-sided pleural effusion with right hilar and subcarinal lymphadenopathies. Thoracentesis showed chylothorax of unknown cause. Bronchoscopy revealed a non-specific inflammatory process. However, thoracoscopic surgery demonstrated a cu…
  • Secondary renal amyloidosis associated with asbestos-related pleuropulmonary diseases. [Journal Article]
    CEN Case Rep. 2020 Jun 13 [Online ahead of print]Shibata R, Ozaki T, … Nakashima H
  • Here, we present a 67-year-old Japanese man who developed insidious-onset nephrotic syndrome. He had a history of occupational asbestos exposure for about 8 years during his 30s, and was found to have pleural effusion 3 years before his present illness. At that time, repeated cytology testing of his pleural effusion found no malignant cells, and pleural biopsy found fibrous pleuritis without evid…
  • The practicality of a two-incision surgical approach for hypoglossal nerve stimulator implantation. [Journal Article]
    Am J Otolaryngol. 2020 Jun 01; 41(5):102585.Meleca JB, Kominsky AH
  • CONCLUSIONS: Lack of the innermost intercostal muscle and thinning of the external and internal intercostal muscles lateral to the IPG site leaves little barrier between the thoracic musculature and parietal pleural increasing the risk of complications such as pleurisy and pneumothorax. Given the anatomical findings, a two-incision surgical approach for UAS therapy is at higher risk for complications.
  • Use of pleural cryobiopsy for tissue culture specimens: a case report. [Case Reports]
    Respirol Case Rep. 2020 Aug; 8(6):e00593.Ishii S, Suzuki M, … Sugiyama H
  • A 43-year-old man presented with cough. His chest X-ray showed a left-sided pleural effusion. We suspected tuberculous pleurisy (TP), and thoracoscopy under local anaesthesia was performed. It showed entire pleura with scattered nodules. Nodules were biopsied by conventional biopsy forceps, but the tissue sample was small. Therefore, the nodules were biopsied with a cryoprobe. The tissue size obt…
  • Causes of swine polyserositis in a high-density breeding area in Italy. [Journal Article]
    J Vet Diagn Invest. 2020 Jun 04 [Online ahead of print]Salogni C, Lazzaro M, … Alborali GL
  • We assessed the causes of polyserositis in pigs, categorized by causative agents and ages of animals affected. In a 3-y study, 246 pigs from 80 different farms with recurrent problems of polyserositis, in a high-density breeding area, were submitted for autopsy; 154 pigs with typical fibrinous serosal lesions were sampled for further bacterial and viral investigation. The most common gross lesion…
  • Recognition of pulmonary pathology in a patient presenting with shoulder pain. [Journal Article]
    Physiother Theory Pract. 2020 May 27 [Online ahead of print]Brindisino F, Passudetti V, … Heick JD
  • CONCLUSIONS: . An underlyng serious pathology can be easily masked by shoulder pain. Physiotherapists need to consider that when a patient presents with a cluster of history and physical examination findings that are negative for mechanical shoulder pain, other systems must be considered as the source of presenting symptoms. Through the identification of risk factors and red flag findings, the physiotherapist can identify the need for referral.
  • [Case of Recurrent Breast Cancer with BRCA2 Mutation Successfully Treated with Olaparib Therapy]. [Journal Article]
    Gan To Kagaku Ryoho. 2020 May; 47(5):815-818.Yoneda H, Shimizu Y, Masuda R
  • A 70-year-old woman was diagnosed with cT2N2M0 left triple negative breast cancer. She received neoadjuvant chemotherapy. Around 30 months after the surgery, she developed carcinomatous pericardial tamponade, carcinomatous pleurisy, and metastatic thyroid cancer due to the breast cancer. Around the same time, a BRCA2 mutation was confirmed. Thus, olaparib therapy was started. Around 45 days after…
  • Nootkatone Inhibits Acute and Chronic Inflammatory Responses in Mice. [Journal Article]
    Molecules. 2020 May 07; 25(9)Bezerra Rodrigues Dantas L, Silva ALM, … Vitalini S
  • Nootkatone (NTK) is a sesquiterpenoid found in essential oils of many species of Citrus (Rutaceae). Considering previous reports demonstrating that NTK inhibited inflammatory signaling pathways, this study aimed to investigate the effects of this compound in mice models of acute and chronic inflammation. Murine models of paw edema induced by carrageenan, dextran, histamine, and arachidonic acid, …
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