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  • First Report of Blastocystis Infection in Pigs from Large Farms in Xinjiang, China. [Journal Article]
    J Eukaryot Microbiol. 2020 Jul 04 [Online ahead of print]Wang R, Zhang Y, … Qi M
  • Blastocystis is a common intestinal protozoan in humans and various animals worldwide. A few studies have reported the genetic characterization of Blastocystis in pigs in China, but no epidemiological data are available from the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. In this study, 801 fecal samples were collected from seven scale pig farms in Xinjiang and tested by polymerase chain reaction and seque…
  • Nursing Monitoring of Microsurgical Free Flaps: Identifying and Addressing Knowledge Gaps. [Journal Article]
    J Reconstr Microsurg. 2020 Jul 05 [Online ahead of print]Kleban SR, Ogley SC, … Baynosa RC
  • CONCLUSIONS:  Based on the results of this study, nursing knowledge of capillary refill, venous congestion, and basic microsurgical free flap physiology is inadequate. With implementation of a teaching in-service curriculum highlighting these key areas of deficiencies, nurses improved both their understanding and confidence levels, regardless of their level of experience.
  • Traffic noise prediction model of an Indian road: an increased scenario of vehicles and honking. [Journal Article]
    Environ Sci Pollut Res Int. 2020 Jul 04 [Online ahead of print]Thakre C, Laxmi V, … Kumar R
  • Noise is considered as an underrated and underemphasized pollutant in contrast to other pollutants of the environment. Due to the non-acute response of health effects, people are not vigilant towards consequences regarding noise pollution. The expansion of the transportation industry is contributing towards the increment in the public and private vehicular volume which causes an increment in nois…
  • Design and Simulation of a DNA Origami Nanopore for Large Cargoes. [Journal Article]
    Mol Biotechnol. 2020 Jul 04 [Online ahead of print]Khosravi R, Ghasemi RH, Soheilifard R
  • Since less than a decade ago, the DNA origami technique has become an important tool in nanopore fabrication. DNA origami nanopores are highly efficient because of their compatibility with biomolecules and the possibility to precisely engineer their dimensions and designs. However, accurate comprehension of their molecular behavior under various conditions is still unsatisfactory. In this study, …
  • Resting state differences between successful and unsuccessful restrained eaters. [Journal Article]
    Brain Imaging Behav. 2020 Jul 04 [Online ahead of print]Zhang Y, Wang S, … Chen H
  • Restrained eating is a popular weight loss strategy for young women that tends to have limited effectiveness over extended periods of time. Although previous studies have explored and identified possible personality and behavior differences between successful and unsuccessful restrained eaters (REs), there has been a paucity of research on neurophysiological differences.Towards addressing this ga…
  • Extrahepatic metabolism of ibrutinib. [Journal Article]
    Invest New Drugs. 2020 Jul 04 [Online ahead of print]Rood JJM, Jamalpoor A, … Sparidans RW
  • Ibrutinib is a first-in-class Bruton's kinase inhibitor used in the treatment of multiple lymphomas. In addition to CYP3A4-mediated metabolism, glutathione conjugation can be observed. Subsequently, metabolism of the conjugates and finally their excretion in feces and urine occurs. These metabolites, however, can reach substantial concentrations in human subjects, especially when CYP3A4 is inhibi…
  • Chest CT score in COVID-19 patients: correlation with disease severity and short-term prognosis. [Journal Article]
    Eur Radiol. 2020 Jul 04 [Online ahead of print]Francone M, Iafrate F, … Catalano C
  • CONCLUSIONS: Our preliminary data suggest the potential role of CT score for predicting the outcome of SARS-CoV-2 patients. CT score is highly correlated with laboratory findings and disease severity and might be beneficial to speed-up diagnostic workflow in symptomatic cases.• CT score is positively correlated with age, inflammatory biomarkers, severity of clinical categories, and disease phases. • A CT score ≥ 18 has shown to be highly predictive of patient's mortality in short-term follow-up. • Our multivariate analysis demonstrated that CT parenchymal assessment may more accurately reflect short-term outcome, providing a direct visualization of anatomic injury compared with non-specific inflammatory biomarkers.
  • Pelvic mobility before and after total hip arthroplasty. [Journal Article]
    Int Orthop. 2020 Jul 04 [Online ahead of print]Homma Y, Ishii S, … Kaneko K
  • CONCLUSIONS: The pre-operative and post-operative pelvic mobility is not equal and ranges widely among patients. In addition to assessment of pre-operative pelvic mobility, other pre-operative spinopelvic factors may also influence post-operative pelvic mobility, such as the SS while standing and sitting, the condition of the contralateral hip and the presence of scoliosis. Risk assessment for dislocation using these pre-operative factors may be useful before THA.
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