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(Raynaud Maurice)
19 results
  • StatPearls: Raynaud Disease (Raynaud Phenomenon, Raynaud Syndrome) [BOOK]
    StatPearls Publishing: Treasure Island (FL) Musa Rina R Creighton University School of Medicine Qurie Ahmad A Creighton University School of medicine BOOK
  • In response to cold temperatures, the body adapts by restricting blood flow to the skin. This is done as a thermoregulating mechanism to prevent further loss of body heat and to sustain the core body temperature. In Raynaud phenomenon, blood-flow restriction occurs during cold temperatures and emotional stress. Specifically, in Raynaud phenomenon, there is vasoconstriction of the digital arteries…
  • Raynaud syndrome. [Review]
    Tech Vasc Interv Radiol 2014; 17(4):241-6Valdovinos ST, Landry GJ
  • Raynaud syndrome (RS) was first described by the French physician Maurice Raynaud in 1862 with the characteristic tricolor change featuring pallor (ischemic phase), cyanosis (deoxygenation phase), and erythema (reperfusion phase) induced by cold or stress. Although the underlying pathophysiological mechanism is unclear, alterations in activity of the peripheral adrenoceptor have been implicated, …
  • [Maurice Raynaud (1834-1881) and the syndrome named after him]. [Historical Article]
    Z Rheumatol 2011; 70(7):620-4Kaiser H
  • Approximately 150 years ago Maurice Raynaud described in his doctoral thesis a set of symptoms characterized by intermittent pallor and cyanosis of the extremities which in severe cases could lead to the development of gangrene. Because the symptoms could be triggered by spasms in small blood vessels the exclusion of an organic vascular disease is a prerequisite of the diagnosis. Raynaud had not …
  • Recent achievements in the management of Raynaud's phenomenon. [Review]
    Vasc Health Risk Manag 2010; 6:207-14Baumhäkel M, Böhm M
  • Raynaud's phenomenon is a clinical disorder with episodic digital ischemic vasospasm triggered by cold- or emotional-stress. It was first mentioned by Maurice Raynaud in 1862 describing "a local asphyxia of the extremities" and was further divided into primary Raynaud's disease and secondary Raynaud's phenomenon, which is often related to connective tissue diseases, but also physical or chemical …
  • Raynaud's phenomenon: pathogenesis and management. [Review]
    J Am Acad Dermatol 2008; 59(4):633-53Bakst R, Merola JF, … Sanchez M
  • Raynaud's phenomenon is a common clinical disorder for which patients frequently seek the expertise and care of dermatologists. It is manifested by recurrent vasospasm of the fingers and toes, often associated with exposure to cold temperature or emotional stress. The phenomenon is named after Maurice Raynaud, who, as a medical student, defined the first case in 1862 as episodic, symmetric, acral…
  • [Understanding Raynaud's phenomenon: towards a better treatment]. [Review]
    Rev Med Suisse 2006; 2(48):93-6Bart PA, Waeber B
  • The Raynaud's phenomenon seems to be well known among the health care workers. It has been identified a long time ago, as Maurice Raynaud described the phenomenon which bears his name in 1862. However its true definition is often forgotten. Moreover the Raynaud's phenomenon is easily confounded with other entities like acrocyanosis... The topic of this review has firstly been chosen in order to p…
  • Raynaud's phenomenon of the nipple: a treatable cause of painful breastfeeding. [Case Reports]
    Pediatrics 2004; 113(4):e360-4Anderson JE, Held N, Wright K
  • Maurice Raynaud first described the vasospasm of arterioles in 1862, and Raynaud's phenomenon is now felt to be common, affecting up to 20% of women of childbearing age. Raynaud's phenomenon has been reported to affect the nipples of breastfeeding mothers and is recognized by many lactation experts as a treatable cause of painful breastfeeding. In 1997, Lawlor-Smith and Lawlor-Smith reported 5 wo…
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