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(Rectal Prolapse)
3,929 results
  • [Robot assisted Frykman-Goldberg procedure. Case report]. [Journal Article]
  • CCCir Cir 2017 Jan 16
  • Zubieta-O'Farrill G, Ramírez-Ramírez M, Villanueva-Sáenz E
  • CONCLUSIONS: There are more than 100 surgical procedures for rectal prolapse treatment. We report the first robot assisted procedure in Mexico. Robotic assisted surgery has the same safety rate as laparoscopic surgery, with the advantages of better instrument mobility, no human hand tremor, better vision, and access to complicated and narrow areas.Robotic surgery as the surgical treatment is a feasible, safe and effective option, there is no difference in recurrence and function compared with laparoscopy. It facilitates the technique, improves nerve preservation and bleeding. Further clinical, prospective and randomized studies to compare the different minimal invasive approaches, their functional and long term results for this pathology are needed.
  • Defecography by digital radiography: experience in clinical practice. [Journal Article]
  • RBRadiol Bras 2016 Nov-Dec; 49(6):376-381
  • Gonçalves AN, Sala MA, … Nacif MS
  • CONCLUSIONS: Although defecography is performed more often in women, both genders can benefit from the test. Defecography can be performed in order to detect complex disorders such as uterine and rectal prolapse, as well as to detect basic clinical conditions such as rectocele or enterocele.
  • Transrectal Mesh Erosion Requiring Bowel Resection. [Journal Article]
  • JMJ Minim Invasive Gynecol 2017 Jan 10
  • Kemp MM, Slim K, … Botchorishvili R
  • To report a case of a transrectal mesh erosion as complication of laparoscopic promontofixation with mesh repair with need for bowel resection and subsequent surgical interventions for treatment.
  • [Intraoperative pitfalls and complications in defecation disorders and rectal prolapse]. [Journal Article]
  • CChirurg 2017 Jan 12
  • Buhr J, Hoffmann MW, Allemeyer EH
  • CONCLUSIONS: Individualized treatment of rectal prolapse and rectocele requires a broad spectrum of methods in specialized coloproctology units. A clinical treatment pathway facilitates the optimal choice of procedure. Overall the complication rates during surgical treatment of transanal rectal prolapse are low; however, available operative procedures hold specific risks and knowledge of these risks helps to avoid them. Once complications occur, measures demonstrated in this study lead to normal clinical courses in the majority of cases.
  • Complete rectal prolapse in young Egyptian males: Is schistosomiasis really condemned? [Journal Article]
  • WJWorld J Gastrointest Surg 2016 Dec 27; 8(12):779-783
  • Abou-Zeid AA, ElAbbassy IH, … Somaie DA
  • CONCLUSIONS: Schistosomiasis should not be considered the main cause of rectal prolapse among young Egyptian males. Childhood prolapse that continues through adult life is likely involved. Childhood prolapse probably results from malnutrition, recurrent parasitic infections and diarrhea that induce straining and prolapse, all are common in lower socioeconomic classes.
  • Risk Factors for Recurrence After Laparoscopic Ventral Rectopexy. [Journal Article]
  • DCDis Colon Rectum 2017; 60(2):178-186
  • Fu CW, Stevenson AR
  • CONCLUSIONS: Modifications to the operative technique were made throughout the study period. A postoperative defecating proctogram was not routinely performed.Recurrence after laparoscopic ventral rectopexy is multifactorial, and risk factors are both clinical and technical. The use of biologic grafts was associated with lower recurrence as compared with synthetic mesh. Patients with full-thickness rectal prolapse who are elderly, have poorer baseline continence, and have prolonged pudendal nerve terminal motor latency are at increased risk of recurrence.
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