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875 results
  • Wild edible plants in Yeşilli (Mardin-Turkey), a multicultural area. [Journal Article]
    J Ethnobiol Ethnomed 2019; 15(1):52Yeşil Y, Çelik M, Yılmaz B
  • CONCLUSIONS: The obtained data were compared with data from other wild edible and ethnobotanical studies conducted in Turkey and particularly those conducted in eastern Turkey. Furthermore, the data were compared with data from studies conducted in the bordering countries of Iraq and Armenia. The present study reflects the cultural diversity of the region, and it is necessary to conduct more studies since it is thought that this diversity will contribute to the economy. This study will enable the traditional use of wild plants as food sources to be passed on to future generations.
  • Modulation of Glucosinolate Composition in Brassicaceae Seeds by Germination and Fungal Elicitation. [Journal Article]
    J Agric Food Chem 2019; 67(46):12770-12779Andini S, Dekker P, … Vincken JP
  • Glucosinolates (GSLs) are of interest for potential antimicrobial activity of their degradation products and exclusive presence in Brassicaceae. Compositional changes of aliphatic, benzenic, and indolic GSLs of Sinapis alba, Brassica napus, and B. juncea seeds by germination and fungal elicitation were studied. Rhizopus oryzae (nonpathogenic), Fusarium graminearum (nonpathogenic), and F. oxysporu…
  • Use of Botanicals to Suppress Different Stages of the Life Cycle of Fusarium graminearum. [Journal Article]
    Phytopathology 2019; 109(12):2116-2123Drakopoulos D, Luz C, … Vogelgsang S
  • Fusarium head blight (FHB) is one of the most important cereal diseases worldwide, causing yield losses and contamination of harvested products with mycotoxins. Fusarium graminearum is one of the most common FHB-causing species in wheat and barley cropping systems. We assessed the ability of different botanical extracts to suppress essential stages of the fungal life cycle using three strains of …
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