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  • Significant Improvement in Blood Pressure Levels Among Older Adults With Hypertension in Rural South Africa. [Journal Article]
    Hypertension. 2023 Feb 08 [Online ahead of print]Ferro EG, Abrahams-Gessel S, … Gaziano TA
  • CONCLUSIONS: The hypertension prevalence and incidence are plateauing in this aging cohort. There was a statistically and clinically significant decline in mean blood pressure and a substantial increase in individuals with controlled hypertension on medication. The prevalence of cardiometabolic risk factors did not decrease over time, suggesting that the blood pressure decrease is likely due to increased medication access and adherence, promoted by local health systems.
  • Polypharmacy Interactions Impacting Methacholine Challenge Testing for Asthma Assessment in Older People. [Journal Article]
    Sr Care Pharm. 2023 Jan 01; 38(1):29-40.Antimisiaris DE, Folz RJ, … Polivka BJ
  • Objective To investigate potential reasons for unusually high incidence of negative Methacholine Challenge Tests (MCT), following standardized MCT medication-hold protocol, in older people with physician-diagnosed asthma. Design An analysis of a longitudinal observational parent study of asthma. Setting Community-dwelling participants were evaluated in an outpatient clinic and at home. Participan…
  • Cross-Sectional Study of Serum Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D3 Levels Amongst Corporate Employees. [Journal Article]
    Cureus. 2023 Feb; 15(2):e34642.Chirravuri V, Ghonge S, Palal D
  • Background In today's busy world, health is often neglected especially among full-time workers. Consequently, lifestyle disorders such as vitamin deficiencies are increasing, perhaps because of inadequate nutrition and lack of sunlight due to long hours working indoors. These deficiencies can lead to various short-term and long-term complications. Objective To estimate serum levels of vitamin B12…
  • Prevalence, Knowledge, and Attitude Toward Substance Abuse, Alcohol Intake, and Smoking Among Male High School Students in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. [Journal Article]
    Cureus. 2023 Jan; 15(1):e33457.Alenazi I, Alanazi A, … Alanazi S
  • CONCLUSIONS: The prevalence of smoking, alcohol intake, and drug use were high. Students began smoking, drinking alcohol, and using abused drugs at an early age, which were influenced by friends, peers, or their siblings. Some students purchase these substances by themselves while some got them from friends, especially alcohol. These practices affected their performance at school. Although many students were aware of the harmful effects of smoking, alcohol intake, and substance abuse, some students had opposing perspectives. Therefore, health authorities need to educate these students and institute structural and emotional support for students who are in these vices to mitigate misuse, long-term use, and addiction.
  • Prevalence and clinical predictors of spasticity after intracerebral hemorrhage. [Journal Article]
    Brain Behav. 2023 Feb 07 [Online ahead of print]Liao LY, Xu PD, … Gao CY
  • CONCLUSIONS: Our results suggest that ICH lesion locations are at least partly associated with post-stroke spasticity rather than the latter simply being a physiological reaction to ICH itself. The predictors for spasticity after ICH were age, NIHSS scores, past medical history, and ICH lesion sites.
  • Governmental public health in Taiwan. [Journal Article]
    Salud Publica Mex. 2022 Nov 23; 64(6, nov-dic):593-598.Chan CC, Sally Chen CH
  • A healthy and safe public health environment is a fundamental responsibility of government; achieving it requires collaboration across multiple sectors. Public health services include, for example, vaccination and quarantine for infectious diseases; health promotion, such as anti-smoking campaigns for noncommunicable diseases; and health insurance for universal health coverage. All these services…
  • What Factors are Associated With Conversion to Knee Arthroplasty After Subchondroplasty? [Journal Article]
    Clin Orthop Relat Res. 2023 Feb 07 [Online ahead of print]Wood DS, Paulson S, … Heis FT
  • CONCLUSIONS: Currently, we recommend a detailed, informed discussion of the risks versus benefits with patients who are considering a subchondroplasty procedure, particularly patients aged 50 years and older and those with Grade 4 chondral lesions. Future randomized trials, including those that compare the subchondroplasty procedure with arthroscopy alone or nonoperative management options, are still needed to confirm the efficacy and role of the subchondroplasty procedure in patients with knee osteoarthritis, because only such prospective studies can determine the success of the procedure.
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