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(Tinea circinata)
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  • Tinea barbae profunda caused by Trichophyton rubrum - an autoinoculation from a primary Tinea pedis. [Journal Article]
    Folia Med (Plovdiv). 2021 Apr 30; 63(2):292-296.Vazheva G, Zisova L
  • Tinea barbae profunda is a rare mycotic infection of the beard, caused by dermatophytic fungi. Patients with suppressed immune systems and severe comorbidities, such as diabetes mellitus, are more prone to this disease, but it could also be seen in agricultural workers and stockbreeders. The most frequent etiological agents of this infection are the zoophilic dermatophytes. But in rare cases, an …
  • Flexural comedones and scar formation caused by inflammatory Tinea corporis. [Journal Article]
    Pediatr Dermatol. 2021 Apr 30 [Online ahead of print]Llamas Carmona JA, Vera Casaño Á, … Gómez Moyano E
  • Childhood flexural comedones are a recently described entity defined as comedones characterized by double orifices connected by a thin layer of epidermis showing the contents beneath. We present a case of flexural comedones and scar formation caused by inflammatory tinea corporis.
  • Tinea corporis gladiatorum. [Journal Article]
    Ital J Dermatol Venerol. 2021 Apr 29 [Online ahead of print]Veraldi S, Valentini D, Faraci AG
  • Tinea corporis gladiatorum (TCG) is a variety of tinea corporis transmitted by repeated and close skin contacts among athletes, in particular wrestlers and judokas. Trichophyton tonsurans is the most frequently isolated dermatophyte. Cases of TCG were reported in USA, Iran, Japan, Turkey and France, where wrestling or judo are popular. No cases of TCG were reported in Italy. The typical clinical …
  • Secondary syphilis mimicking tinea cruris in an HIV infected patient: a case report. [Case Reports]
    Pan Afr Med J. 2021; 38:133.Yuylana C, Iswanty M, Paturusi II
  • Syphilis is known as the great imitator with various clinical presentations which often lead to confusion and misdiagnosis. A 28-year-old male presented with non-pruritic and painless erythematous patches around the anus and scrotum. Initial differential diagnosis with tinea cruris. Fungal examination was negative. Serological tests for syphilis were positive and anti-HIV screening was reactive. …
  • Analysis of Adult Patients with Tinea Capitis in Southeastern Korea. [Journal Article]
    Ann Dermatol. 2020 Apr; 32(2):109-114.Lee HJ, Kim JY, … Lee WJ
  • CONCLUSIONS: The epidemiological and mycological characteristics of adult patients with tinea capitis were different from those of children in terms of annual incidence, sex distribution, and isolated dermatophytes. These results provide useful information for the treatment and prevention of tinea capitis.
  • Dermatoses Occurring after Parlor Procedures. [Journal Article]
    J Cutan Aesthet Surg. 2020 Oct-Dec; 13(4):357-360.Kolalapudi SA, Mahesh AR, … Saka S
  • CONCLUSIONS: Side effects are not uncommon after parlor procedures. Awareness of these is necessary and educating the patients is extremely important to avoid these unwanted complications.
  • Epidemiology of Dermatophytes in Belgium: A 5 Years' Survey. [Journal Article]
    Mycopathologia. 2021 Apr 26 [Online ahead of print]Rosalie S, Lize C, … Marie-Pierre H
  • Dermatophytes are among the most common fungal agents causing superficial skin infections worldwide. Epidemiology of these infections is evolving and variable in every country. This report presents the Belgian epidemiological data regarding the distribution of dermatophytes species isolated by the two national reference centers for mycosis during a period of 5 years (2012-2016). Trichophyton rubr…
  • DNA-chip-based molecular testing as a clue for the diagnosis of tinea: A case series. [Letter]
    J Eur Acad Dermatol Venereol. 2021 Apr 23 [Online ahead of print]Ständer S, Ha L, … Boch K
  • tinea is a highly prevalent cutaneous fungal infection. Tinea commonly presents with circinate, erythematous, scaly plaques. Yet, depending on the age and immune status of the affected patient, a heterogenous clinical picture may occur1 . Consequently, tinea may be overseen2 . With the current diagnostic methods, based on direct microscopy, culture, and histological examination, most cases of tin…
  • Onychomycosis and Tinea Pedis in the Feet of Patients With Diabetes. [Journal Article]
    Int J Low Extrem Wounds. 2021 Apr 23 [Online ahead of print]Aragón-Sánchez J, López-Valverde ME, … Torres-Sopena L
  • This study aimed to determine the prevalence of onychomycosis and interdigital tinea pedis in a cohort of Spanish patients with diabetes in whom onychomycosis was clinically suspected (n = 101). Samples from a first toenail scraping and the fourth toe clefts were subjected to potassium hydroxide direct vision and incubated in Sabouraud and dermatophyte test medium. Fifty-eight samples were also a…
  • [Kerion Celsi due to Microsporum canis infection]. [Review]
    Hautarzt. 2021 Apr 21 [Online ahead of print]Chiriac A, Birsan C, … Wollina U
  • Tinea capitis is seen world-wide among children up to 12 years. The most severe type is Kerion Celsi with painful abscesses and lymphadenopathy. We report on an 11-year-old boy with Kerion Celsi, who was initially treated using antibiotics under the common misdiagnosis of a bacterial infection. Mycological investigations could identify Microsporum canis. The patient was treated orally with griseo…
  • [Trichophyton tonsurans-an emerging pathogen in wrestling in Germany]. [Journal Article]
    Hautarzt. 2021 Apr 09 [Online ahead of print]Schieβl J, Uhrlaβ S, … Nenoff P
  • Trichophyton (T.) tonsurans is considered as the main causative agent of tinea gladiatorum (ringworm) in contact and martial arts worldwide and regularly leads to outbreaks. In the national wrestling squad in Leipzig, dermatophytoses occurred frequently and recurrently in children and adolescents for over a 2-year period. The wrestlers came to the dermatologist's office for clinical examination a…
  • Virulence and Antifungal Susceptibility of Microsporum canis Strains from Animals and Humans. [Journal Article]
    Antibiotics (Basel). 2021 Mar 12; 10(3)Aneke CI, Rhimi W, … Cafarchia C
  • The enzymatic and antifungal profiles of dermatophytes play an important role in causing infections in humans and animals. This study aimed to assess the virulence factors produced by Microsporum canis strains, in vitro antifungal profile and the relationship between virulence, antifungal profile and occurrence of lesions in animals and humans. A total of 100 M. canis strains from humans with tin…
  • Expression of epidermal antimicrobial peptides is increased in tinea pedis. [Journal Article]
    Mycoses. 2021 Apr 02 [Online ahead of print]Pham CVA, Rademacher F, … Harder J
  • CONCLUSIONS: The induction of AMPs in tinea pedis might be triggered directly by the dermatophytes; furthermore, attendant inflammation and/or differentiation processes may play a role. Our results indicate that there is no defect in the constitutive expression and induction of the analysed AMPs by dermatophytes in the epidermis of affected patients. However, it is not known why the elevated AMP concentrations fail to efficiently combat dermatophyte growth.
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