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20 results
  • A survey of women in Australia who choose the care of unregulated birthworkers for a birth at home. [Journal Article]
    Women Birth 2018Rigg EC, Schmied V, … Dahlen HG
  • CONCLUSIONS: Maternity services in Australia do not meet all women's needs, leaving some feeling no other option exists but to seek an unregulated birthworker to support a homebirth. Previous negative experiences with maternity healthcare providers, inflexible systems of care, and limited access to funding for homebirth with privately practising midwives were identified as motivating factors. These issues require solutions to prevent homebirth going underground.
  • Why do women choose an unregulated birth worker to birth at home in Australia: a qualitative study. [Journal Article]
    BMC Pregnancy Childbirth 2017; 17(1):99Rigg EC, Schmied V, … Dahlen HG
  • CONCLUSIONS: Women who engaged UBWs viewed them as providing the best of both worlds - this was birthing at home with a knowledgeable person who was unconstrained by rules or regulations and who respected and supported the woman's philosophical view of birth. Women perceived UBWs as not only the best opportunity to achieve a natural birth but also as providing 'a safety net' in case access to emergency care was required.
  • Strain history and TGF-β1 induce urinary bladder wall smooth muscle remodeling and elastogenesis. [Journal Article]
    Biomech Model Mechanobiol 2012; 11(1-2):131-45Heise RL, Parekh A, … Sacks MS
  • Mechanical cues that trigger pathological remodeling in smooth muscle tissues remain largely unknown and are thought to be pivotal triggers for strain-induced remodeling. Thus, an understanding of the effects mechanical stimulation is important to elucidate underlying mechanisms of disease states and in the development of methods for smooth muscle tissue regeneration. For example, the urinary bla…
  • Validation of live animal ultrasonic measurements of body composition in market lambs. [Journal Article]
    J Anim Sci 2010; 88(9):2932-9Emenheiser JC, Greiner SP, … Notter DR
  • Market lambs from the state fair of Virginia (n = 172) were ultrasonically evaluated by 4 scan technicians and 3 image interpreters to determine accuracy of ultrasonic estimates of loin muscle area (ULMA), backfat thickness (UBF), and body wall thickness (UBW). Lambs were initially scanned at the preferred magnification setting of each technician; 2 chose 1.5x and 2 chose 2.0x. Lambs were then sc…
  • On the mechanical role of de novo synthesized elastin in the urinary bladder wall. [Journal Article]
    J Biomech Eng 2009; 131(10):101018Wognum S, Schmidt DE, Sacks MS
  • The urinary bladder wall (UBW), which is composed of smooth muscle, collagen, and elastin, undergoes profound remodeling in response to changes in mechanical loading resulting from various pathologies. In our laboratory, we have observed the production of fibrillar elastin in the extracellular matrix (ECM), which makes the UBW a particularly attractive tissue to investigate smooth muscle tissue r…
  • Assessing and predicting successful tube placement outcomes in ALS patients. [Journal Article]
    Amyotroph Lateral Scler 2010; 11(1-2):203-6Beggs K, Choi M, Travlos A
  • This study reviews feeding tube placement outcomes in 69 ALS outpatients seen at an outpatient interdisciplinary ALS clinic in British Columbia, Canada. The objective was to determine at which point the risks outweigh the benefits of tube placement by reviewing outcomes against parameters of respiratory function, nutritional status and speech and swallowing deterioration. The study was a retrospe…
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