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(Upper respiratory tract infection upper respiratory infection )
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  • Exuberant fibroblast activity compromises lung function via ADAMTS4. [Journal Article]
    Nature. 2020 Oct 28 [Online ahead of print]Boyd DF, Allen EK, … Thomas PG
  • Severe respiratory infections can result in acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS)1. There are no effective pharmacological therapies that have been shown to improve outcomes for patients with ARDS. Although th influenza A/Puerto Rico/8/34 e host inflammatory response limits spread of and eventually clears the pathogen, immunopathology is a major contributor to tissue damage and ARDS1,2. Here…
  • Fatal Chlamydia psittaci infection in a domestic kitten. [Journal Article]
    J Vet Diagn Invest. 2020 Oct 28 [Online ahead of print]Sanderson H, Vasquez M, … Fox J
  • Chlamydia psittaci has not been reported to cause disease in domestic cats, to our knowledge. In contrast, C. felis infection is common in domestic cats and typically results in conjunctivitis, upper respiratory tract infection, and less frequently pneumonia. Herein, we report the pathologic findings and diagnostic features of a fatal case of psittacosis in a 7-wk-old domestic kitten. The animal …
  • SARS-CoV-2 evades immune detection in alveolar macrophages. [Journal Article]
    EMBO Rep. 2020 Oct 28 [Online ahead of print]Dalskov L, Møhlenberg M, … Hartmann R
  • Respiratory infections, like the current COVID-19 pandemic, target epithelial cells in the respiratory tract. Alveolar macrophages (AMs) are tissue-resident macrophages located within the lung. They play a key role in the early phases of an immune response to respiratory viruses. AMs are likely the first immune cells to encounter SARS-CoV-2 during an infection, and their reaction to the virus wil…
  • Covid-19 telescreening in SUS users with risk conditions: case report. [Case Reports]
    Rev Saude Publica. 2020; 54:101.Soares DA, Medeiros DS, … Carvalho VCHDS
  • This case report aims to describe the conception and preliminary data of the implementation of a telescreening and telemonitoring program of covid-19 for users of the Unified Health System with risk conditions. A system of telerscreening was implemented through which undergraduate students in the health area contact patients by telephone, according to periodicity and predefined criteria, to monit…
  • COVID-19 myocarditis: a case report. [Case Reports]
    Einstein (Sao Paulo). 2020; 18:eRC5876.Yokoo P, Fonseca EKUN, … Szarf G
  • A male patient with flu-like symptoms and tomography and laboratory diagnosis of severe acute respiratory syndrome. He developed acute cardiac dysfunction during admission and was submitted to a cardiac magnetic resonance imaging examination, which confirmed acute myocarditis, indicating cardiac involvement by coronavirus disease 2019. A review and discussion about coronavirus disease 2019-relate…
  • Characterization and impact of respiratory microbiota on viral infections. [Journal Article]
    Virologie (Montrouge). 2018 Jun 01; 22(3):161-172.Pichon M, Lina B, Josset L
  • Considered for years as sterile, respiratory tract contains very variable bacterial microbiome. Driven by next generation sequencing techniques, microbiome analyses allow a better understanding of viral infection pathophysiology, in terms of incidence and lethality. After a short reminder of microbiome characterization methods, this review will describe its impact on adaptive and innate immunity …
  • Hematologic parameters in coronavirus infection (COVID-19) and their clinical implications. [Review]
    Discoveries (Craiova). 2020 Oct 01; 8(4):e117.Waleed RM, Iftikhar W, … Khan HS
  • Coronaviruses are a class of enveloped RNA viruses that cause infections of the respiratory tract, characterized by fever, tiredness, dry cough, diarrhea, loss of smell or taste, chest pain and shortness of breath. Many patients with mysterious pneumonia were distinguished in December 2019 in Wuhan. The pneumonia of obscure origin was found to be ascribed to a novel coronavirus and described as n…
  • Anosmia and ageusia as presenting complaints of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) infection. [Case Reports]
    J Family Med Prim Care. 2020 Aug; 9(8):4406-4408.Mohindra R, Sainath KG, … Suri V
  • The recently discovered SARS-CoV2 virus produces a influenza like illness named Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). The usual presentation is with upper/lower respiratory tract symptoms and rarely gastrointestinal symptoms. Although some of the clinical features of this novel disease like fever, dry cough, and shortness of breath have been well documented in literature, we report hitherto infreq…
  • A survival analysis of COVID-19 in the Mexican population. [Journal Article]
    BMC Public Health. 2020 Oct 27; 20(1):1616.Salinas-Escudero G, Carrillo-Vega MF, … Garduño-Espinosa J
  • CONCLUSIONS: The risk of dying at any time during follow-up was clearly higher for men, individuals in older age groups, people with chronic kidney disease, and people hospitalized in public health services.
  • [Telemedicine in Rhythmology - Prepared for Pandemics]. [Journal Article]
    Praxis (Bern 1994). 2020; 109(14):1135-1140.Roten L
  • Telemedicine in Rhythmology - Prepared for Pandemics Abstract. The COVID-19 pandemic urged us to reorganize many of our daily clinical processes. In this regard, the protection of vulnerable patient populations is of particular importance, since any visit to the outpatient clinic implies the risk of exposure to and infection with the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Nevertheless, patients with a pacemaker, an i…
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