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(Wonderlic Personnel Test)
29 results
  • Language, learning, and memory in children with and without single-suture craniosynostosis. [Journal Article]
    J Neurosurg Pediatr 2016; 17(5):578-88Kapp-Simon KA, Wallace E, … Speltz ML
  • CONCLUSIONS: Children with SSC continue to show poorer performance than controls on language, learning, and memory tasks at early elementary school age, even when controlling for known confounders, although mean differences are small. Multidisciplinary care, including direct psychological assessment, for children with SSC should extend through school age with a specific focus on language and conceptual learning, as these are areas of potential risk. Future research is needed to investigate language, memory, and learning for this population during the middle to high school years.
  • Comparison of three ADHD screening instruments in college students of varying cognitive ability. [Journal Article]
    J Atten Disord 2013; 17(5):449-54Fuller-Killgore MD, Burlison J, Dwyer W
  • CONCLUSIONS: All three screeners exhibited acceptable reliability levels. Criterion validity was demonstrated by the relationship between the CAARS's inattention subscale and self-reported cases of ADHD. Criterion validity was also seen in the relationship found between the CAARS's hyperactivity/restlessness subscale and the total course performance even after controlling for cognitive ability. Contrary to past research cognitive ability exhibited a weak but significant relationship with a few screeners and screener subscales.
  • Sex, IQ, and emotional intelligence. [Journal Article]
    Psychol Rep 2009; 105(3 Pt 2):1092-4Furnham A
  • 150 young bankers estimated their IQ (Academic/Cognitive Intelligence) and EQ (Emotional Intelligence) before taking an IQ test. Pearson correlations were r = .40 and .41 between IQ test (Wonderlic Personnel Test) scores (M = 32.8) and IQ estimates (M = 27.9) and EQ estimates, respectively. Women's mean self-estimated IQ was significantly lower than men's.
  • The NFL combine: does it predict performance in the National Football League? [Journal Article]
    J Strength Cond Res 2008; 22(6):1721-7Kuzmits FE, Adams AJ
  • The authors investigate the correlation between National Football League (NFL) combine test results and NFL success for players drafted at three different offensive positions (quarterback, running back, and wide receiver) during a recent 6-year period, 1999-2004. The combine consists of series of drills, exercises, interviews, aptitude tests, and physical exams designed to assess the skills of pr…
  • What does the Wonderlic Personnel Test measure? [Journal Article]
    Psychol Rep 2007; 100(3 Pt 1):707-12Matthews TD, Lassiter KS
  • The present investigation examined the concurrent validity of the Wonderlic Personnel Test and Woodcock-Johnson-Revised Tests of Cognitive Ability which were administered to 37 college students, 27 women and 10 men, who ranged in age from 18 to 54 years (M=27.1, SD=8.7). Analysis yielded significant correlation coefficients between the Wonderlic Total score and the score for the WJ-R Broad Cognit…
  • Demand characteristics of music affect performance on the Wonderlic Personnel Test Of Intelligence. [Journal Article]
    Percept Mot Skills 2007; 104(1):153-4Verpaelst CC, Standing LG
  • This study examined whether demand characteristics concerning music can change subjects' performance on the Wonderlic Personnel Test of intelligence. Participants (N= 60) were randomly assigned and informed either that Mozart's music typically enhances cognitive performance or diminishes it. They then completed the Wonderlic Personnel Test while listening to a Mozart piano sonata. The subjects wi…
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