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1,683 results
  • Two NEMO-like Ubiquitin-Binding Domains in CEP55 Differently Regulate Cytokinesis. [Journal Article]
    iScience 2019; 20:292-309Said Halidi KN, Fontan E, … Agou F
  • CEP55 regulates the final critical step of cell division termed cytokinetic abscission. We report herein that CEP55 contains two NEMO-like ubiquitin-binding domains (UBDs), NOA and ZF, which regulate its function in a different manner. In vitro studies of isolated domains showed that NOA adopts a dimeric coiled-coil structure, whereas ZF is based on a UBZ scaffold. Strikingly, CEP55 knocked-down …
  • Resistance of Fruits From a Mandarin Cultivar to Feeding by Fork-Tailed Bush Katydids. [Journal Article]
    J Econ Entomol 2019Cass BN, Grafton-Cardwell EE, Rosenheim JA
  • Plants use a variety of mechanisms to defend against herbivore damage, each with different consequences for agricultural production. Crops relying on tolerance strategies may need different pest management approaches versus those relying on resistance strategies. Previous work suggested that densities of fork-tailed bush katydids (Scudderia furcata Brunner von Wattenwyl [Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae…
  • Gibberellic acid in Citrus spp. flowering and fruiting: A systematic review. [Journal Article]
    PLoS One 2019; 14(9):e0223147Garmendia A, Beltrán R, … Merle H
  • CONCLUSIONS: Despite some limitations, the action of GA related to cell division and growth, stimulating the sink ability of the organ and discouraging its abscission, has been clearly established through reviewed studies. GA applications before flowering counteract the floral induction caused by stress reducing flowering. However, on adult trees under field conditions, reducing flowering by applying GA would be difficult because it would be necessary to previously estimate the natural floral induction of trees. During flowering and fruit set, many problems may arise that limit production. Only when the problem is lack of fruit set stimulus can GA applications improve yields. However, much evidence suggests that the main factor-limiting yield would be carbohydrate availability rather than GA levels. GA applications increased fruit set (often transiently), but this increase did not mean improved yields.
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