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  • Bptf determines oncogenic addiction in aggressive B-cell lymphomas. [Journal Article]
    Oncogene. 2020 May 25 [Online ahead of print]Richart L, Felipe I, … Real FX
  • Chromatin remodeling factors contribute to establish aberrant gene expression programs in cancer cells and therefore represent valuable targets for therapeutic intervention. BPTF (Bromodomain PhD Transcription Factor), a core subunit of the nucleosome remodeling factor (NURF), modulates c-MYC oncogenic activity in pancreatic cancer. Here, we analyze the role of BPTF in c-MYC-driven B-cell lymphom…
  • The role of HINT1 in methamphetamine-induced behavioral sensitization. [Journal Article]
    Psychopharmacology (Berl). 2020 May 20 [Online ahead of print]Liu P, Lei G, … Dang YH
  • CONCLUSIONS: Using the new technique, hip fractures were correctly predicted in 78% of cases compared with 36% when using the T-score. The accuracy of the prediction was not greatly reduced when using SSM and SAM (78% and 74% correct, respectively). Various geometric and BMD distribution traits were identified in the fractured and non-fractured groups.
  • Addictive Use of Smartphones and Mental Disorders in University Students. [Journal Article]
    Iran J Psychiatry. 2020 Apr; 15(2):96-104.Alavi SS, Ghanizadeh M, … Mohammadi MR
  • Objective: Despite the awareness of smartphone addiction, low findings and lack of validated standards have led to insufficient information in this area. This study aimed to examine the relationship between mobile phone dependency and mental disorders in students in Iran, while controlling for the impact of gender, age, educational levels, and marital status. Method: In this cross-sectional stud…
  • Alcohol treatment systems in Muslim majority countries: Case study of alcohol treatment policy in Iran. [Journal Article]
    Int J Drug Policy. 2020 May 05; 80:102753.Al-Ansari B, Noroozi A, … Conigrave KM
  • CONCLUSIONS: Implementing alcohol treatment has been challenging for Iran. Approval of new treatment programs may not be seen as a priority because of the low prevalence of alcohol use disorders in the country. Also, policy makers are implementing treatment services with caution due to the existing alcohol prohibition for the country's Muslim majority population. Barriers to treatment seeking need to be addressed at the micro and macro levels. Support from international agencies such as the WHO could assist MMCs to develop appropriate services that are feasible for their unique alcohol policy environment.
  • The role of genetic and environmental factors in covariation between anxiety and anger in childhood. [Journal Article]
    Eur Child Adolesc Psychiatry. 2020 May 07 [Online ahead of print]Scaini S, Centorame G, … Battaglia M
  • Higher levels of anger expression, as well as lower levels of anger control, have been reported for adults with anxiety disorders compared to individuals without anxiety disorders. Different to the research on adults, very few studies examined the relationship between anxiety and anger in childhood. In our study, we investigated 398 Italian twin pairs (74 MZ male, 70 MZ female, 134 same-sex dizyg…
  • Stigma and quality of co-located care for HIV-positive people in addiction treatment in Ukraine: a cross-sectional study. [Journal Article]
    J Int AIDS Soc. 2020 May; 23(5):e25492.Sereda Y, Kiriazova T, … Lunze K
  • CONCLUSIONS: One in ten people with HIV in this cohort who received OAT services experienced high levels of both HIV and substance use stigma, which was associated with poorer mental health and less NGO support. Co-located HIV and OAT services were linked to better perceived quality of HIV care, but did not seem to reduce stigma for this key population. Stigma interventions for PWID, possibly delivered involving NGOs, may be an approach to mitigate this challenge.
  • Does Eating Addiction Favor a More Varied Diet or Contribute to Obesity?-The Case of Polish Adults. [Journal Article]
    Nutrients. 2020 May 02; 12(5)Jezewska-Zychowicz M, Małachowska A, Plichta M
  • Rapidly increasing prevalence of overweight and obesity indicates a need to search for their main causes. Addictive-like eating and associated eating patterns might result in overconsumption, leading to weight gain. The aim of the study was to identify main determinants of food intake variety (FIV) within eating addiction (EA), other lifestyle components, and sociodemographic characteristics. The…
  • Evaluation of performance-enhancing drugs seized by Israeli enforcement agencies 2012-2017: implications for policy and regulatory change. [Journal Article]
    Isr J Health Policy Res. 2020 May 04; 9(1):14.Bonny-Noach H, Berkovitz R, Shapira B
  • CONCLUSIONS: While data analysis focused on the supply side of the performance-enhancing substances market, the high number of seizures of performance-enhancing substances in Israel represents evidence of the existence of a high demand and a large consumer base for these products. Consequently, there is a need for developing further enforcement, treatment, and prevention policies that do not currently exist in Israel. Policymakers should consider prioritizing law enforcement action and incentivizing intelligence sharing to monitor suspected shipment sources and specific points of entry. Additionally, the results demonstrate that there is a need in reforming the penal law to discourage the use of performance-enhancing substances. Similar measures have already been applied in countries like Spain, Italy, and Belgium. Furthermore, policy-makers should consider enhancing health ministry agencies with a higher enforcement capacity by giving them further investigative and inquiry authority. Due to the troubling magnitude of the phenomenon, policymakers should also prioritize educational and prevention strategies.
  • [Clinical and psychological features of people with internet dependence: experience of a pilot study]. [Journal Article]
    Zh Nevrol Psikhiatr Im S S Korsakova. 2020; 120(3):13-18.Egorov AY, Grechanyy SV, … Kibitov AO
  • CONCLUSIONS: There were more people with secondary specialized education and unemployed in the main group. The family burden of addiction and psychiatric disorders did not differ in both groups, and the heredity of somatic diseases was lower in the IA group. In the IA group, a psychiatric diagnosis was made 9 times more often. The severity of affective and anxiety disorders was higher in the IA group, while the risk of psychosis was low that allows considering the symptoms of IA outside the framework of subpsychotic mental disorders. The features of the psychopathological symptoms of IA were: total «tension» of the psychopathological profile; a relatively uniform and slightly specific profile of psychopathological symptoms with a certain tendency to the prevalence of personality-related stress manifestations.
  • The ENIGMA Stroke Recovery Working Group: Big data neuroimaging to study brain-behavior relationships after stroke. [Review]
    Hum Brain Mapp. 2020 Apr 20 [Online ahead of print]Liew SL, Zavaliangos-Petropulu A, … Thompson PM
  • The goal of the Enhancing Neuroimaging Genetics through Meta-Analysis (ENIGMA) Stroke Recovery working group is to understand brain and behavior relationships using well-powered meta- and mega-analytic approaches. ENIGMA Stroke Recovery has data from over 2,100 stroke patients collected across 39 research studies and 10 countries around the world, comprising the largest multisite retrospective st…
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