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19 results
  • Barodontalgia. [Review]
    J Endod. 2009 Apr; 35(4):481-5.Zadik Y
  • Although considered rare, dentists may encounter oral pain evoked by a change in barometric pressure, a condition known as barodontalgia (aerodontalgia). The article reviews the epidemiology, clinical presentation, pathogenesis, diagnostic process and differential diagnosis (including facial and dental barotrauma) of this phenomenon. Preventive measures are described as well.
  • [Aviation medicine problems in otorhinolaryngology]. [Journal Article]
    Z Arztl Fortbild Qualitatssich. 1999 Oct; 93(7):509-12.Kressin J
  • The physico-technical conditions during flight change the physiology of the paranasal sinus, of the middle ear and of the teeth especially due to decompression. Clinical problems and the possibility of prophylaxis and therapy before and under flying conditions are declared. Aerosinusitis, -otitis and aerodontalgia are discussed. The hearing system under conditions of aircraft noise, noise protect…
  • Hypersensitivity and pain induced by operative procedures and the "cracked tooth" syndrome. [Review]
    Gen Dent. 1997 Mar-Apr; 45(2):148-59.Seltzer S, Boston D
  • Various dental conditions are responsible for tooth hypersensitivity and pain. They include hypersensitive dentin; the "cracked tooth" syndrome; pulp and periapical irritation, inflammation and/or degeneration; barodontalgia (aerodontalgia); and periodontal pathoses, particularly the pulpal-periodontal syndrome. Each operative condition is reviewed with respect to its etiology, symptomatology, an…
  • [Aerodontalgia. Report of a case]. [Case Reports]
    Rev Stomatol Chir Maxillofac. 1988; 89(1):15-20.Fleury JE, Deboets D, … Bellaiche G
  • Dental pains provoked by an altitude beyond 5.000 ft can occur with any kind of tooth, healthy or restored. It is considered as a consequence of a brutal pressure change. The incidence has not been decreasing in spite of flight conditions improvement. These kind of dental pain cause a problem for those who fly: civilian and military pilots as well as airlines passengers. The conditions in which t…
  • Common otolaryngologic problems of flying. [Journal Article]
    Am Fam Physician. 1979 Feb; 19(2):113-9.Stewart TW
  • Pressure-volume changes associated with changing atmospheric pressure precipitate acute inflammation of the sinus and middle ear cavities, known collectively as barotrauma. Barotitis occurs during descent from high altitudes. A partial vacuum develops, manifested by a retracted tympanic membrane. Hemorrhage may occur as a consequence of the vacuum. Similar pathophysiology causes barosinusitis. Wh…
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