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  • Real-time assessment of COVID-19 prevalence among multiple sclerosis patients: a multicenter European study. [Journal Article]
    Neurol Sci. 2020 Jul 02 [Online ahead of print]Dalla Costa G, Leocani L, … RADAR-CNS consortium
  • We assessed the prevalence and impact of COVID-19 among multiple sclerosis (MS) patients across Europe by leveraging participant data collected as part of the ongoing EU IMI2 RADAR-CNS major programme aimed at finding new ways of monitoring neurological disorders using wearable devices and smartphone technology. In the present study, 399 patients of RADAR-MS have been included (mean age 43.9 year…
  • Anticancer Drug-induced Thyroid Dysfunction. [Review]
    Eur Endocrinol. 2020 Apr; 16(1):32-39.Bhattacharya S, Goyal A, … Kalra S
  • Cancer immunotherapy and targeted therapy, though less toxic than conventional chemotherapy, can increase the risk of thyroid dysfunction. Immune checkpoint inhibitors render the cancer cells susceptible to immune destruction, but also predispose to autoimmune disorders like primary hypothyroidism as well as central hypothyroidism secondary to hypophysitis. Tyrosine kinase inhibitors act by block…
  • Immune-mediated hepatitis induced by therapy with Alemtuzumab in a patient with Multiple Sclerosis. [Journal Article]
    Hepatology. 2020 Jun 24 [Online ahead of print]Bolte FJ, Schmidt HH, Schlevogt B
  • Increased use of novel immunomodulatory agents has led to emerging forms of drug-induced liver injury. Alemtuzumab is a recombinant, humanized monoclonal antibody against CD52, which is present on T cells, B cells, monocytes and natural killer cells. A single dose results in a depletion of the entire lymphocyte population followed by varied kinetics in the recovery of each cell type. Alemtuzumab …
  • Potential COVID-19 infection in patients with severe multiple sclerosis treated with alemtuzumab. [Journal Article]
    Mult Scler Relat Disord. 2020 Jun 11; 44:102297.Matías-Guiu J, Montero-Escribano P, … Matias-Guiu JA
  • CONCLUSIONS: Our data suggest that patients receiving alemtuzumab showed very mild symptoms of COVID-19. We speculate that immune reconstitution induced by treatment may induce positive changes in the immune system in the defense against SARS-CoV2. Further research about alemtuzumab and their role in COVID-infection is necessary to confirm these preliminary findings.
  • Alemtuzumab as a Therapy for Chronic Lung Allograft Dysfunction in Lung Transplant Recipients With Short Telomeres. [Case Reports]
    Front Immunol. 2020; 11:1063.Trindade AJ, Thaniyavarn T, … El-Chemaly S
  • Alemtuzumab, a monoclonal antibody targeting CD52 that causes lymphocyte apoptosis, is a form of advanced immunosuppression that is currently used as a therapy for refractory acute cellular rejection and chronic lung allograft dysfunction in lung transplant recipients (1-3). Side effects of alemtuzumab include bone marrow suppression, infection, and malignancy. Whether alemtuzumab can be safely u…
  • Cryptogenic cerebral venous thrombosis in a multiple-sclerosis-patient treated with Alemtuzumab. [Case Reports]
    Mult Scler Relat Disord. 2020 May 30; 44:102246.Gasparini S, Russo M, … Aguglia U
  • Alemtuzumab is a highly effective treatment for relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis (MS). Its molecular target is CD 52, a GPI-anchored protein. Herein, we describe the case of a 40-year-old man with MS treated with alemtuzumab, who developed cerebral sinus thrombosis. In the literature, alemtuzumab was associated with venous thrombosis, attributed to a paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria (PNH…
  • Repopulation of T, B, and NK cells following alemtuzumab treatment in relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis. [Journal Article]
    J Neuroinflammation. 2020 Jun 15; 17(1):189.Gilmore W, Lund BT, … Traboulsee AL
  • CONCLUSIONS: Lymphocyte repopulation after alemtuzumab treatment favors regulatory subsets in the T cell, B cell, and NK cell compartments. Clinical efficacy may reflect the sum of interactions among them, leading to control of potentially pathogenic effector cell types. Several immune measures were identified as possible biomarkers of lesion activity. Future studies are necessary to more precisely define regulatory and effector subsets and their contributions to clinical efficacy and risk for secondary autoimmunity in alemtuzumab-treated patients, and to reveal new insights into mechanisms of immunopathogenesis in MS.
  • Reduced Toxicity Conditioning for Non-Malignant Hematopoietic Cell Transplants. [Journal Article]
    Biol Blood Marrow Transplant. 2020 Jun 10 [Online ahead of print]Contreras CF, Long-Boyle JR, … Dvorak CC
  • Allogeneic hematopoietic cell transplantation (HCT) for children with non-malignant disorders is challenged by potential drug-related toxicities and poor engraftment. This retrospective analysis expands on our single pediatric medical center experience with targeted busulfan, fludarabine, and intravenous (IV) alemtuzumab as a low-toxicity regimen to achieve sustained donor engraftment. Sixty-two …
  • Immunosuppression in Liver Transplantation: State of the Art and Future Perspectives. [Journal Article]
    Curr Pharm Des. 2020 Jun 10 [Online ahead of print]Nedredal GI, Picon RV, … Foss A
  • CONCLUSIONS: Alongside steroid and calcineurin inhibitors reduction or elimination, current strategies for post-liver transplantation immunosuppression explore combinations of novel agents. The gauge (or yardstick) here is the fine balance between adverse effects of IS drugs and risk of rejection. Long-term maintenance IS regimens, development of tolerance and antibody-mediated rejection are also discussed in this review.
  • Kidney Transplantation using Alemtuzumab, Belatacept and Sirolimus - Five-Year Follow-up. [Journal Article]
    Am J Transplant. 2020 Jun 08 [Online ahead of print]Schmitz R, Fitch ZW, … Kirk AD
  • Kidney transplantation outcomes are limited by toxicities associated with calcineurin inhibitors (CNIs) and steroids. This trial was conducted to determine whether a costimulation-blockade (CoB)-based regimen could achieve acceptable long-term outcomes and graft survival could be maintained solely with CoB. Forty patients underwent alemtuzumab induction followed by belatacept and sirolimus mainte…
  • IL-15 in the Combination Immunotherapy of Cancer. [Review]
    Front Immunol. 2020; 11:868.Waldmann TA, Dubois S, … Conlon KC
  • We completed clinical trials of rhIL-15 by bolus, subcutaneous, and continuous intravenous infusions (CIV). IL-15 administered by CIV at 2 mcg/kg/day yielded a 38-fold increase in 10- day number of circulating NK cells, a 358-fold increase in CD56bright NK cells and a 5.8-fold increase in CD8 T cells. However, IL-15 preparations administered as monotherapy were ineffective, due to actions of immu…
  • The Meaning of Immune Reconstitution after Alemtuzumab Therapy in Multiple Sclerosis. [Review]
    Cells. 2020 Jun 03; 9(6)Rolla S, Maglione A, … Clerico M
  • Alemtuzumab is a monoclonal antibody that binds to CD52, a protein present on the surface of mature lymphocytes, but not on the stem cells from which these lymphocytes are derived. It is currently used as an immune reconstitution therapy in patients with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis. Alemtuzumab treatment is an intermittent infusion that induces long-term remission of Multiple Sclerosis…
  • Detecting and predicting neutralization of alemtuzumab responses in MS. [Journal Article]
    Neurol Neuroimmunol Neuroinflamm. 2020 Jul; 7(4)Saxena G, Moore JM, … Kang AS
  • CONCLUSIONS: Although ADAs to alemtuzumab have been portrayed as being of no clinical significance, alemtuzumab-specific antibodies appear to be clinically relevant for some individuals, although causation remains to be established. Monitoring of lymphocyte depletion and the antidrug response may be of practical value in patients requiring additional cycles of alemtuzumab. ADA detection may help to inform on retreatment or switching to another treatment.
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