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37 results
  • Thermodynamic analysis of a gamma type Stirling engine in an energy recovery system. [Journal Article]
    Energy Convers Manag. 2018 Jun 01; 165:528-540.Sowale A, Kolios AJ, … Tyrrel S
  • The demand for better hygiene has increased the need for developing more effective sanitation systems and facilities for the safe disposal of human urine and faeces. Non-Sewered Sanitary systems are considered to be one of the promising alternative solutions to the existing flush toilet system. An example of these systems is the Nano Membrane Toilet (NMT) system being developed at Cranfield Unive…
  • Stocks, Flows, and Distribution of Critical Metals in Embedded Electronics in Passenger Vehicles. [Journal Article]
    Environ Sci Technol. 2017 02 07; 51(3):1129-1139.Restrepo E, Løvik AN, … Müller DB
  • One of the major applications of critical metals (CMs) is in electrical and electronic equipment (EEE), which is increasingly embedded in other products, notably passenger vehicles. However, recycling strategies for future CM quantities in end-of-life vehicles (ELVs) are poorly understood, mainly due to a limited understating of the complexity of automotive embedded EEE. We introduce a harmonizat…
  • Epigenetics knocks on synthetic biology's door. [Journal Article]
    FEMS Microbiol Lett. 2016 09; 363(17)Rodriguez-Escamilla Z, Martínez-Núñez MA, Merino E
  • Epigenetics is the study of heritable changes in gene expression without concomitant changes in DNA sequence. Due to its relevance in development, differentiation and human health, epigenetics has recently become an emerging area of science with regard to eukaryotic organisms and has shown enormous potential in synthetic biology. However, significant examples of epigenetic regulation in bacterial…
  • Gap seal dissipation in linear alternators. [Journal Article]
    J Acoust Soc Am. 2015 Apr; 137(4):1744-55.Gonen E, Grossman G
  • Earlier models of the coupling between a thermoacoustic system and an electrodynamic motor/alternator considered mechanical damping but ignored the viscous friction and blow-by losses produced by the motor/alternator's piston oscillating within a tight-fitting gap. The model presented here extends previous models to demonstrate that the inclusion of these effects leads to a better estimate of the…
  • Embarked electrical network robust control based on singular perturbation model. [Journal Article]
    ISA Trans. 2014 Jul; 53(4):1143-51.Abdeljalil Belhaj L, Ait-Ahmed M, Benkhoris MF
  • This paper deals with an approach of modelling in view of control for embarked networks which can be described as strongly coupled multi-sources, multi-loads systems with nonlinear and badly known characteristics. This model has to be representative of the system behaviour and easy to handle for easy regulators synthesis. As a first step, each alternator is modelled and linearized around an opera…
  • Restoring adult stereopsis: a vision researcher's personal experience. [Journal Article]
    Optom Vis Sci. 2014 Jun; 91(6):e135-9.Bridgeman B
  • In February 2012, the author acquired improved stereoscopic vision after viewing Martin Scorsese's film Hugo in 3D. The author had been deficient in stereo vision all of his life because in the first two decades, one eye deviated outward from the gaze position of the other. At that time, he was an alternator (alternating exotrope) showing strabismus (>20 prism diopters) without amblyopia. After v…
  • Why does it take longer to read digital than film-screen screening mammograms? A partial explanation. [Journal Article]
    J Digit Imaging. 2010 Apr; 23(2):170-80.Haygood TM, Wang J, … Whitman GJ
  • Digital screening mammograms (DM) take longer to interpret than film-screen screening mammograms (FSM). We evaluated what part of the process takes long in our reading environment. We selected cases from those for which timed readings had been performed as part of a previous study. Readers were timed as they performed various computer manipulations on groups of DM cases and as they moved the alte…
  • Gasification of biomass/high density polyethylene mixtures in a downdraft gasifier. [Journal Article]
    Bioresour Technol. 2008 Sep; 99(13):5485-91.García-Bacaicoa P, Mastral JF, … Serrano S
  • In this work, an experimental study of the thermal decomposition of mixtures of wood particles and high density polyethylene in different atmospheres has been carried out in a downdraft gasifier with a nominal processing capacity of 50 kg/h. The main objective was to study the feasibility of the operation of the gasification plant using mixtures and to investigate the characteristics of the gas o…
  • Soft copy display requirements for digital mammography. [Journal Article]
    J Digit Imaging. 2003 Sep; 16(3):292-305.Hemminger BM
  • One of the advantages of digital mammography is to display mammograms on softcopy (electronic displays). Softcopy display of mammography is challenging because of the spatial and contrast resolution demands present in mammograms. We have designed and developed a softcopy mammography display application, Mammoview, which is capable of allowing radiologists to read mammograms as quickly and as accu…
  • Hand-held digital books in radiology: convenient access to information. [Journal Article]
    AJR Am J Roentgenol. 1995 Feb; 164(2):485-8.D'Alessandro MP, Galvin JR, … Erkonen WE
  • Radiologists need constant, convenient access to current information throughout the course of their daily work. Today most learning in radiology is obtained from the printed word in books, journals, and teaching files, supplemented by the spoken word in lectures and conferences. Although learning from printed material and lectures has been proved efficacious over time, these media share the disad…
  • How many screens does a CT workstation need? [Journal Article]
    J Digit Imaging. 1994 May; 7(2):69-76.Beard DV, Hemminger BM, … Johnston RE
  • A considerable number of prototype and commercial workstations have been developed during the last 10 years for electronic display of computed tomographic (CT) images during clinical interpretation. These CT workstations have varied widely in the number and size of monitors available for the display of the medical images ranging from a single 1,024 x 1,204-pixel monitor, to eight 2,500 x 2,000-pi…
  • Pointing errors in strabismics: complex patterns of distorted visuomotor coordination. [Journal Article]
    Vision Res. 1994 Mar; 34(5):689-707.Fronius M, Sireteanu R
  • Monocular eye-hand coordination was tested in a pointing experiment in the central and peripheral visual field of each eye of strabismic and anisometropic amblyopes, strabismic alternators and normal controls. In the normal controls, pointing was accurate in the central visual field. Towards the periphery, normal observers showed a varying amount of undershoot as well as increasing uncertainty. T…
  • Interpretation of CT studies: single-screen workstation versus film alternator. [Journal Article]
    Radiology. 1993 May; 187(2):565-9.Beard DV, Hemminger BM, … Zito AJ
  • A prototype single-screen workstation with a 2,048 x 2,560-pixel high-brightness monitor, 0.11-second image display time, and simple ergonomic design was compared to a conventional horizontal film alternator in diagnostic interpretation of chest computed tomography (CT) studies. Four radiologists used either the workstation or film alternator in interpretation of studies obtained in 10 patients. …
  • Advanced applications of personal computers in the radiologist's office. [Journal Article]
    Radiographics. 1993 Jan; 13(1):163-8.Gillespy T
  • The author's department has found various advanced applications for the computer to be useful in daily practice. They use a data-base program to track interesting cases for later retrieval. The program automatically generates an American College of Radiology code based on the body part and diagnosis. The program is also used to track radiographic film quality. A barcode scanner attached to a comp…
  • MR examination of the knee: interpretation with multiscreen digital workstation vs hardcopy format. [Journal Article]
    AJR Am J Roentgenol. 1991 Jul; 157(1):81-5.Brown JJ, Malchow SC, … Jost RG
  • A multiscreen imaging workstation was compared with conventional hardcopy format for diagnostic interpretation of MR images of the knee. MR examinations from 30 patients were interpreted by two observers using film displayed both on a standard film panel alternator and an eight-screen digital workstation. Arthroscopic examination of these patients disclosed 30 meniscal tears and five anterior cru…
  • A technique for electrically induced perturbation of rhythmic leg movement. [Journal Article]
    J Neurosci Methods. 1988 Jul; 24(3):253-8.Brooke JD, McIlroy WE, … Hoare J
  • The paper describes electrical circuitry which replaces a mechanical brake, for perturbation of the contractile load of the legs during pedalling. The turning flywheel of an ergometer is connected to an alternator, with the electrical load provided by a power resistor connected across the output terminals. A 12-V battery provides the field current. Through variable resistors the field current is …
  • Hinged shutter for image alternator. [Journal Article]
    Radiology. 1988 May; 167(2):561.Stark P, Smith DC
  • A hinged, mobile shutter was designed to reduce the effect of extraneous light on the interpretion of chest radiographs and angiograms. The authors believe that the device greatly facilitates the daily work by decreasing eye fatigue and probably by increasing the signal-to-noise ratio.
  • Flywheel energy storage for x-ray machines. [Journal Article]
    Med Phys. 1984 May-Jun; 11(3):311-6.Siedband MP, Showers DK
  • X-ray image quality for stop-motion exposures is greatly affected by the system power capability. High power levels are required for adequate resolution, which often precludes the use of mobile x-ray systems for stop-motion exposures. Currently available mobile systems use (1) 90-V nickel-cadmium batteries capable of 120 A, (2) a power line of 220 V ac, 60 Hz capable of about 100 A, or (3) a capa…
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