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(aluminum hydroxide)
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  • The bioavailability of ingested 26Al-labelled aluminium and aluminium compounds in the rat. [Journal Article]
    Neurotoxicology. 2020 Jun 27 [Online ahead of print]Priest ND, Skybakmoen E, Jackson G
  • The fractional uptake of ingested aluminium and aluminium compounds (aluminium citrate, aluminium nitrate, aluminium chloride, aluminium sulphate, aluminium hydroxide, aluminium oxide, aluminium metal, powdered aluminium pot electrolyte, acidic sodium aluminium phosphate (SALP), basic sodium aluminium phosphate (Kasal), sodium aluminium silicate and FD&C red 40 aluminium lake) from the gastro-int…
  • Evaluation of Boron's Adjuvant Activity in Inactive Bacterin Vaccines Using the Mice Model. [Journal Article]
    Biol Trace Elem Res. 2020 Jun 17 [Online ahead of print]Sayın Z, Uslu A, … Aras Z
  • Vaccination is the most effective, reliable, and economical way of preventing or reducing the effect of infectious diseases. When preparing inactive vaccines, a range of additives called adjuvants are necessary to enhance the magnitude of the immune response. Boron has a wide range of industrial and medical applications, and its positive effects on distinct functions have been described in plants…
  • [Effects of corn-based cropping systems on phosphorus fractions and availability in red soil]. [Journal Article]
    Ying Yong Sheng Tai Xue Bao. 2020 Mar; 31(3):883-889.Gou XM, Wang CQ, … Zhou XY
  • To clarify the effects of corn-based cropping systems on phosphorus (P) fractions and availability in red soil, we measured P fractions and availability of topsoil (0-20 cm) and subsoil (20-40 cm) in abandoned farmland (control) and three corn-based cropping systems (corn continuous cropping, zucchini-corn rotation and pea-corn rotation), respectively. The results showed that total P, available P…
  • Vaccination Route as a Determinant of Protective Antibody Responses against Herpes Simplex Virus. [Journal Article]
    Vaccines (Basel). 2020 Jun 05; 8(2)Burn Aschner C, Pierce C, … Herold BC
  • Herpes simplex viruses (HSV) are significant global health problems associated with mucosal and neurologic disease. Prior experimental vaccines primarily elicited neutralizing antibodies targeting glycoprotein D (gD), but those that advanced to clinical efficacy trials have failed. Preclinical studies with an HSV-2 strain deleted in gD (ΔgD-2) administered subcutaneously demonstrated that it elic…
  • SARS-CoV-2 RNA in wastewater anticipated COVID-19 occurrence in a low prevalence area. [Journal Article]
    Water Res. 2020 Aug 15; 181:115942.Randazzo W, Truchado P, … Sánchez G
  • Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) has caused more than 200,000 reported COVID-19 cases in Spain resulting in more than 20,800 deaths as of April 21, 2020. Faecal shedding of SARS-CoV-2 RNA from COVID-19 patients has extensively been reported. Therefore, we investigated the occurrence of SARS-CoV-2 RNA in six wastewater treatments plants (WWTPs) serving the major municip…
  • Early activation of high volume fly ash by ternary activator and its activation mechanism. [Journal Article]
    J Environ Manage. 2020 Aug 01; 267:110638.Sun G, Tang Q, … Liu Z
  • To solve the problems of low early strength and severe plastic cracking caused by high volume fly ash used in cement-based materials. Triethanolamine (TEA), calcium hydroxide (Ca(OH)2), and sodium silicate (Na2SiO3) or sodium sulfate (Na2SO4) were selected to conduct a ternary doping test. The compressive strength of samples was measured to determine the best ratio, content, and time effect of th…
  • Solid phase adsorption of emodin on hydrotalcites and inorganic oxides: A preliminary study. [Journal Article]
    J Pharm Biomed Anal. 2020 May 05; 187:113348.Genovese S, Epifano F, … Fiorito S
  • Solid phase extraction applied to plant matrices is nowadays a well validated technique allowing the concentration and purification of selected secondary metabolites for subsequent analysis. In this short communication we screened the efficiency of 16 selected solid supports including layered structures (hydrotalcites and zirconium phosphate), magnesium oxide and hydroxide, and finally the phyllo…
  • Phosphate competition with arsenate on poorly crystalline iron and aluminum (hydr)oxide mixtures. [Journal Article]
    Chemosphere. 2020 Sep; 255:126937.Tiberg C, Sjöstedt C, … Gustafsson JP
  • Phosphate competes with arsenate for sorption sites on poorly crystalline iron and aluminum (hydr)oxides. The competition has implications e.g. for the management of arsenic-contaminated soil and water. Phosphate competition with arsenate on mixed phases containing both iron and aluminum (hydr)oxides has rarely been investigated. Here, the phosphate competition with arsenate on mixtures of poorly…
  • A review on approaches for hazardous organics removal from Bayer liquors. [Review]
    J Hazard Mater. 2020 May 06; 397:122772.Zhang Y, Xu R, … Sun W
  • Alumina is a valuable raw material for the production of adsorbents, abrasives, polishing agents, refractory materials, and aluminum. It is generally produced from bauxites through the Bayer process. Several organic compounds such as humic matters and oxalates are introduced into the Bayer liquor during the digestion process, resulting in significant hazards to precipitation of aluminum hydroxide…
  • In vitro toxicity assessment of respirable solid surface composite sawing particles. [Journal Article]
    Toxicol Ind Health. 2020 May 07 [Online ahead of print]Mandler WK, Kang S, … Qian Y
  • Solid surface composites (SSCs) are a class of popular construction materials composed of aluminum trihydrate and acrylic polymers. Previous investigations have demonstrated that sawing SSC releases substantial airborne dusts, with a number-based geometric mean diameter of 1.05 µm. We reported that in mice, aspiration exposure to airborne SSC dusts induced symptoms of pulmonary inflammation at 24…
  • Optimization of an Experimental Vaccine To Prevent Escherichia coli Urinary Tract Infection. [Journal Article]
    mBio. 2020 Apr 28; 11(2)Forsyth VS, Himpsl SD, … Mobley HLT
  • Urinary tract infections (UTI) affect half of all women at least once during their lifetime. The rise in the numbers of extended-spectrum beta-lactamase-producing strains and the potential for carbapenem resistance within uropathogenic Escherichia coli (UPEC), the most common causative agent of UTI, create an urgent need for vaccine development. Intranasal immunization of mice with UPEC outer mem…
  • The role of allergoids in allergen immunotherapy: from injective to sublingual route. [Review]
    Eur Ann Allergy Clin Immunol. 2020 Apr 27 [Online ahead of print]Compalati E, Incorvaia C, … Frati F
  • SummaryAllergen immunotherapy (AIT) is aimed at inducing tolerance to allergens, such as pollens, dust mites or moulds, by administering increasing amounts of the causative allergen through subcutaneous or sublingual route. The evidence of efficacy of AIT is high, but the issue of safety, especially for the subcutaneous route, must be taken into account. The search for safer AIT products aimed at…
  • Influenza NG-34 T cell conserved epitope adjuvanted with CAF01 as a possible influenza vaccine candidate. [Journal Article]
    Vet Res. 2020 Apr 20; 51(1):57.Sisteré-Oró M, Pedersen GK, … Darji A
  • Conserved epitopes are targets commonly researched to be part of universal vaccine candidates against influenza viruses (IV). These conserved epitopes need to be cross-protecting against distinct IV subtypes and to have a strong immunogenic potential. Nevertheless, subunit vaccines generally require a strong adjuvant to enhance their immunological effects. Herewith, we compare four different adju…
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