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354 results
  • Paramecium Biology. [Journal Article]
    Results Probl Cell Differ 2019; 68:291-318Van Houten J
  • Imagine that in 1678 you are Christiaan Huygens or Antonie van Leeuwenhoek seeing paramecia swim gracefully across the field of view of your new microscope. These unicellular, free-living, and swimming cells might have remained a curiosity if not for the ability of H.S. Jennings (Behavior of the lower organisms. Indiana University Press, Bloomington, 1906) and T.M. Sonneborn (Proc Natl Acad Sci U…
  • Genetic Transformation of Protoplasts Isolated from Leaves of Lolium temulentum and Lolium perenne. [Journal Article]
    Methods Mol Biol 2020; 2072:199-205Davis HR, Maddison AL, … Jones HD
  • Transient expression of inserted recombinant DNA in plant protoplasts is a widely used tool for functional genomics research. Recently it has been utilized to screen potential sgRNA guides for CRISPR-mediated genome editing. However, little research has been conducted into the use of transient expression of protoplasts in Lolium perenne (a globally important pasture, hay, and amenity grass), and …
  • Environmental amenities of urban rivers and residential property values: A global meta-analysis. [Review]
    Sci Total Environ 2019; 693:133628Chen WY, Li X, Hua J
  • Environmental amenities and disamenities of urban rivers and their capitalization in property prices have been a major subject of empirical investigation in the hedonic price method (HPM) literature for several decades. Primary studies across the globe have nonetheless adopted varying valuation scenarios and modelling approaches. And systematic variation has been shown in homeowners' marginal wil…
  • Assessing stormwater control measures using modelling and a multi-criteria approach. [Journal Article]
    J Environ Manage 2019; 243:257-268Radinja M, Comas J, … Atanasova N
  • This paper presents a methodology for assessing the selection of stormwater control measures (SCM) within an urban drainage system that combines hydrological-hydraulic modelling and multi-criteria analysis (MCA). The methodology's utility is illustrated on urban catchment in the city of Girona, Spain. The SWMM model was applied and calibrated to simulate SCM scenarios. Seven scenarios were evalua…
  • Cytogenetic and molecular genotyping in the allotetraploid Festuca pratensis × Lolium perenne hybrids. [Journal Article]
    BMC Genomics 2019; 20(1):367Majka J, Bzdęga K, … Zwierzykowski Z
  • CONCLUSIONS: Our study reports cytogenetic and molecular genotyping of the F. pratensis × L. perenne hybrid and its following F2-F3 progenies. The analysis of 137 allotetraploid F. pratensis × L. perenne hybrids revealed the higher level of recombination in chromosomes derived from F. pratensis genome. The results of ISSR markers indicated a mixed model of inheritance, which may be characteristic for these hybrids.
  • Urban amenity and settlement intentions of rural-urban migrants in China. [Journal Article]
    PLoS One 2019; 14(5):e0215868Liao L, Wang C
  • The existing literature concentrates on the relationship between amenities and migrants or residents. However, only a few studies have focused on the role of city amenities in determining the intentions of rural-urban migrants. Such a relation is a key issue in Chinese urbanisation development. The current study investigates the effects of urban amenities on the settlement intentions of rural-urb…
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