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1,417 results
  • A Retrospective Study of Long-Term Improvement on the Boston Naming Test. [Journal Article]
    Am J Speech Lang Pathol 2019; :1-12Sachs A, Rising K, Beeson PM
  • Purpose Lexical retrieval impairment is a universal characteristic of aphasia and a common treatment focus. Although naming improvement is well documented, there is limited information to shape expectations regarding long-term recovery. This was the motivation for a retrospective study of longitudinal data on the Boston Naming Test (BNT; Kaplan, Goodglass, & Weintraub, 1983, 2000). Method BNT sco…
  • Correlates of anomia in non-semantic variants of primary progressive aphasia converge over time. [Journal Article]
    Cortex 2019; 120:201-211Leyton CE, Landin-Romero R, … Piguet O
  • To track neural correlates of naming performance with disease progression, we estimated key areas affected in nonfluent/agrammatic (nfvPPA) and logopenic (lvPPA) primary progressive aphasia variants over time and changes in naming correlates over time. Twenty-nine non-semantic PPA participants (17 nfvPPA and 12 lvPPA) were selected based upon current diagnostic criteria and PiB-PET status and con…
  • Effect Sizes in Single-Case Aphasia Studies: A Comparative, Autocorrelation-Oriented Analysis. [Journal Article]
    J Speech Lang Hear Res 2019; :1-10Archer B, Azios JH, … Macatangay L
  • Purpose In single-case treatment studies, researchers may compare client performance during a baseline, nontreatment phase(s) to client performance during intervention phases. Autocorrelation in the data series gathered during such studies increases the likelihood that analysts will detect or fail to detect meaningful differences between baseline and treatment phase data. We examined the impact t…
  • Four cases of natalizumab-related PML: a less severe course in extended interval dosing? [Journal Article]
    Neurol Sci 2019; 40(10):2119-2124Scarpazza C, De Rossi N, … Capra R
  • CONCLUSIONS: Although PML in EID seems to occur less frequently than in conventional dosing regimen, strict monitoring of high-risk patients contributed to the indolent course observed in the four described cases, characterized by a prolonged pre-symptomatic phase, paucisymptomatic onset, low JCv load, less severe functional impairment during immune reconstitution, and a mild disability burden.
  • Enhancing the Efficiency of Confrontation Naming Assessment for Aphasia Using Computer Adaptive Testing. [Journal Article]
    J Speech Lang Hear Res 2019; 62(6):1724-1738Fergadiotis G, Hula WD, … Kellough S
  • Purpose In this study, we investigated the agreement between the 175-item Philadelphia Naming Test (PNT; Roach, Schwartz, Martin, Grewal, & Brecher, 1996) and a 30-item computer adaptive PNT (PNT-CAT; Fergadiotis, Kellough, & Hula, 2015 ; Hula, Kellough, & Fergadiotis, 2015) created using item response theory (IRT) methods. Method The full PNT and the PNT-CAT were administered to 47 participants …
  • The Link Between Verbal Short-Term Memory and Anomia Treatment Gains. [Journal Article]
    Am J Speech Lang Pathol 2019; 28(3):1039-1052Zimmerman RM, Silkes JP, … Minkina I
  • Purpose A significant relationship between verbal short-term memory (STM) and language performance in people with aphasia has been found across studies. However, very few studies have examined the predictive value of verbal STM in treatment outcomes. This study aims to determine if verbal STM can be used as a predictor of treatment success. Method Retrospective data from 25 people with aphasia in…
  • The role of executive control in post-stroke aphasia treatment. [Journal Article]
    Neuropsychol Rehabil 2019; :1-40Simic T, Bitan T, … Rochon E
  • Executive control (EC) ability is increasingly emerging as an important predictor of post-stroke aphasia recovery. This study examined whether EC predicted immediate treatment gains, treatment maintenance and generalization after naming therapy in ten adults with mild to severe chronic post-stroke aphasia. Performance on multiple EC tasks allowed for the creation of composite scores for common EC…
  • Morphometric correlates of anomia in patients with small left temporopolar lesions. [Journal Article]
    J Neuropsychol 2019Alemán-Gómez Y, Poch C, … Campo P
  • Visual object naming is a complex cognitive process that engages an interconnected network of cortical regions moving from occipitotemporal to anterior-inferior temporal cortices, and extending into the inferior frontal cortex. Naming can fail for diverse reasons, and different stages of the naming multi-step process appear to be reliant upon the integrity of different neuroanatomical locations. …
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