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(anomie anomy)
556 results
  • Sites of Exception: Gender Violence, Digital Activism, and Nirbhaya's Zone of Anomie in India. [Journal Article]
    Violence Against Women 2019; :1077801219862633Dey A
  • Gender violence in India exists as a state of exception for the ways in which it occupies a nonlegal, liminal space of existence as "bare life" or "life itself." The rape and murder of Jyoti Singh Pandey unprecedentedly brought this to the surface. This article aims to highlight the ways in which the movement that emerged out of this case engaged with gender violence as a state of exception while…
  • The social disorganization of eating: a neglected determinant of the Australian epidemic of overweight/obesity. [Journal Article]
    BMC Public Health 2019; 19(Suppl 2):454Bittman M, Cleary E, … Gershuny J
  • CONCLUSIONS: Contemporary urban Australians are spending less time in organized shared meals. These changes have occurred the over same period during which there has been a public health concern about the prevalence of unhealthy weight. Preliminary indications are that societies that emphasize eating as a commensal, shared activity through maintaining definite, generous lunch breaks and prioritizing eating at mealtimes, achieve better public health outcomes. This has implications for a strategy of health promotion, but to be sure of this we need to study countries with these more socially organized eating patterns.
  • Legal cynicism: Independent construct or downstream manifestation of antisocial constructs? New evidence. [Journal Article]
    Int J Law Psychiatry 2019 May - Jun; 64:211-218Ameri T, Burgason KA, … Vaughn MG
  • Researchers have found that legal cynicism is a significant predictor of crime. Although legal cynicism developed as a form of anomie, it is also plausible that legal cynicism is itself a deviant rationalization to justify one's criminal behavior. As such, legal cynicism might be a derivative manifestation of other individual-level constructs that bear on criminal propensity. We test this possibi…
  • Immigration, social trust, and the moderating role of value contexts. [Journal Article]
    Soc Sci Res 2019; 79:115-126Ziller C, Wright M, Hewstone M
  • This study examines whether the values prevalent in one's social environment moderate the link between immigration-related ethnic diversity and social trust. Drawing on arguments related to intergroup relations and anomie, we expect that contexts characterized by a comparatively high degree of openness mitigate a trust-eroding effect of immigration. In contrast, we expect that contexts of low ope…
  • Belief in conspiracy theories and intentions to engage in everyday crime. [Journal Article]
    Br J Soc Psychol 2019; 58(3):534-549Jolley D, Douglas KM, … Schrader T
  • Belief in conspiracy theories is associated with negative outcomes such as political disengagement, prejudice, and environmental inaction. The current studies - one cross-sectional (N = 253) and one experimental (N = 120) - tested the hypothesis that belief in conspiracy theories would increase intentions to engage in everyday crime. Study 1 demonstrated that belief in conspiracy theories predict…
  • Postincident Interpersonal Difficulty Among Adolescent Victims of Violent Crime. [Journal Article]
    J Interpers Violence 2018; :886260518788366Phillips JB
  • Adolescents are exposed to high levels of violence in the United States. Exposure to violence at this point in the life course can have both short- and long-term consequences for young victims that include socioemotional distress and depression, substance abuse, and delinquency. Prior research indicates that positive, productive, and supportive reactions on the parts of those close to targets of …
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