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(anthrax immune globulin)
807 results
  • [Monoclonal antibodies in infectious diseases: new partners in the therapeutic arsenal]. [Journal Article]
    Med Sci (Paris). 2019 Dec; 35(12):1008-1013.Desoubeaux G, Pelegrin M
  • Development of therapeutic antibodies for treating infectious diseases is more recent than for cancer and inflammatory diseases. To date, seven antibodies have been approved worldwide and only five in France. Medical indications are so far limited to the prophylaxis of bronchiolitis caused by respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), treatment of multidrug-resistant HIV disease, exposure to rabies and a…
  • Protective antigen domain 4 of Bacillus anthracis as a candidate for use as vaccine for anthrax. [Journal Article]
    Ann Agric Environ Med. 2019 Sep 19; 26(3):392-395.Żakowska D, Graniak G, … Niemcewicz M
  • Existing research for using the protective antigen (PA) of Bacillus anthracis as a vaccine component shows that protection against anthrax may be obtained using fragments of this protein. The aim of the research is to check whether the selected protein fragment of the protective antigen (domain 4) encoded by an appropriate nucleotide sequence of gene pag of B. anthracis, was expressed in the bact…
  • Towards on-site visual detection of proteases in food matrices. [Journal Article]
    Anal Chim Acta. 2019 Oct 31; 1078:182-188.Klisara N, Yu YM, … Liedberg B
  • Early detection of toxic proteases in food matrices plays a major role in preventing the occurrence of diseases as well as outbreaks. However, on-site detection of proteases, for instance, botulinum, anthrax and cholera in food matrices remains challenging due to their extremely low lethal dose levels. Here, we report a lateral flow assay (LFA) in a dipstick format for on-site visual detection of…
  • Structure of S-layer protein Sap reveals a mechanism for therapeutic intervention in anthrax. [Journal Article]
    Nat Microbiol. 2019 11; 4(11):1805-1814.Fioravanti A, Van Hauwermeiren F, … Remaut H
  • Anthrax is an ancient and deadly disease caused by the spore-forming bacterial pathogen Bacillus anthracis. At present, anthrax mostly affects wildlife and livestock, although it remains a concern for human public health-primarily for people who handle contaminated animal products and as a bioterrorism threat due to the high resilience of spores, a high fatality rate of cases and the lack of a ci…
  • Rapid Discovery and Characterization of Synthetic Neutralizing Antibodies against Anthrax Edema Toxin. [Journal Article]
    Biochemistry. 2019 07 09; 58(27):2996-3004.Farcasanu M, Wang AG, … Tang WJ
  • Anthrax, a lethal, weaponizable disease caused by Bacillus anthracis, acts through exotoxins that are primary mediators of systemic toxicity and also targets for neutralization by passive immunotherapy. The ease of engineering B. anthracis strains resistant to established therapy and the historic use of the microbe in bioterrorism present a compelling test case for platforms that permit the rapid…
  • Questionable Efficacy of Therapeutic Antibodies in the Treatment of Anthrax. [Journal Article]
    mSphere. 2019 06 19; 4(3)Tournier JN, Rougeaux C, … Goossens PL
  • Inhalational anthrax caused by Bacillus anthracis, a spore-forming Gram-positive bacterium, is a highly lethal infection. Antibodies targeting the protective antigen (PA) binding component of the toxins have recently been authorized as an adjunct to antibiotics, although no conclusive evidence demonstrates that anthrax antitoxin therapy has any significant benefit. We discuss here the rational ba…
  • Development of a novel multiepitope chimeric vaccine against anthrax. [Journal Article]
    Med Microbiol Immunol. 2019 Apr; 208(2):185-195.Aggarwal S, Somani VK, … Bhatnagar R
  • Bacillus anthracis (BA), the etiological agent of anthrax, secretes protective antigen (PA), lethal factor (LF), and edema factor (EF) as major virulence mediators. Amongst these, PA-based vaccines are most effective for providing immunity against BA, but their low shelf life limits their usage. Previous studies showed that B-cell epitopes, ID II and ID III present in PA domain IV possess higher …
  • The Case for Human Serum as a Highly Preferable Sample Matrix for Detection of Anthrax Toxins. [Journal Article]
    ACS Sens. 2018 11 26; 3(11):2303-2310.Granger JH, Porter MD
  • This paper describes preliminary results on the surprising impact of human serum as a sample matrix on the detectability of protective antigen (PA) and lethal factor (LF), two antigenic protein markers of Bacillus anthracis, in a heterogeneous immunometric assay. Two sample matrices were examined: human serum and physiological buffer. Human serum is used as a specimen in the diagnostic testing of…
  • A Bacteriophage T4 Nanoparticle-Based Dual Vaccine against Anthrax and Plague. [Journal Article]
    mBio. 2018 10 16; 9(5)Tao P, Mahalingam M, … Rao VB
  • Bacillus anthracis and Yersinia pestis, the causative agents of anthrax and plague, respectively, are two of the deadliest pathogenic bacteria that have been used as biological warfare agents. Although Biothrax is a licensed vaccine against anthrax, no Food and Drug Administration-approved vaccine exists for plague. Here, we report the development of a dual anthrax-plague nanoparticle vaccine emp…
  • Improving the stability of recombinant anthrax protective antigen vaccine. [Journal Article]
    Vaccine. 2018 10 15; 36(43):6379-6382.Verma A, Burns DL
  • Development of recombinant protective antigen (rPA)-based anthrax vaccines has been hindered by a lack of stability of the vaccines associated with spontaneous deamidation of asparagine (Asn) residues of the rPA antigen during storage. In this study, we explored the role that two deamidation-prone Asn residues located directly adjacent to the receptor binding site of PA, Asn713 and Asn719, play i…
  • Drugs and Lactation Database (LactMed): Anthrax Immune Globulin Intravenous (Human) [BOOK]
    . National Library of Medicine (US): Bethesda (MD)BOOK
  • Anthrax immune globulin is an immune globulin (IgG) rich in IgG antibodies against Bacillus anthracis toxins. IgG is a normal component of breastmilk. No special precautions are required. Holder pasteurization (62.5 degrees C for 30 minutes) decreases the concentration of endogenous immunoglobulin G by up to 79%.[1,2] A study of 67 colostrum samples that underwent Holder pasteurization found that…
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