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(apical four chamber view)
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  • Echocardiogram Analysis Using Motion Profile Modeling. [Journal Article]
    IEEE Trans Med Imaging. 2020 May; 39(5):1767-1774.Ghori I, Roy D, … Chalavadi KM
  • Echocardiography is a widely used and cost-effective medical imaging procedure that is used to diagnose cardiac irregularities. To capture the various chambers of the heart, echocardiography videos are captured from different angles called views to generate standard images/videos. Automatic classification of these views allows for faster diagnosis and analysis. In this work, we propose a represen…
  • K-Net: Integrate Left Ventricle Segmentation and Direct Quantification of Paired Echo Sequence. [Journal Article]
    IEEE Trans Med Imaging. 2020 May; 39(5):1690-1702.Ge R, Yang G, … Li S
  • The integration of segmentation and direct quantification on the left ventricle (LV) from the paired apical views(i.e., apical 4-chamber and 2-chamber together) echo sequence clinically achieves the comprehensive cardiac assessment: multiview segmentation for anatomical morphology, and multidimensional quantification for contractile function. Direct quantification of LV, i.e., to automatically qu…
  • What is Left Ventricular Strain in Healthy Neonates? A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis. [Meta-Analysis]
    Pediatr Cardiol. 2020 Jan; 41(1):1-11.Khan U, Omdal TR, … Greve G
  • Reference values for left ventricular systolic strain in healthy neonates are necessary for clinical application of strain. The objectives of this systematic review were to identify echocardiographic studies that presented left ventricular strain values in healthy neonates, perform a meta-analysis for speckle tracking-derived global longitudinal strain, and identify areas that require further inv…
  • Preliminary results analysis for left ventricular systolic function in normal fetuses by automated cardiac motion quantitation. [Journal Article]
    J Matern Fetal Neonatal Med. 2019 Oct 10 [Online ahead of print]Sun X, Zhao B, … Peng X
  • CONCLUSIONS: The global and regional strain values of fetus have no correlation with gestational ages, and the strain values of apical segment are higher than those of basal and middle segments. The base and middle segmental strain values of left ventricular free wall were similar to those of the interventricular septum. aCMQ is a novel method of two dimensional speckle tracking echocardiography to assess the global and regional systolic function of fetuses. It's a feasible and reproducible approach to evaluate normal cardiac function of fetus quantitatively and may have potential in fetuses with congenital heart diseases.
  • Size and shape of the four-chamber view of the fetal heart in fetuses with an estimated fetal weight less than the tenth centile. [Journal Article]
    Am J Obstet Gynecol. 2019 11; 221(5):495.e1-495.e9.Hobbins JC, Gumina DL, … DeVore GR
  • CONCLUSIONS: Higher rates of abnormalities of cardiac size and shape of the 4-chamber view were found in fetuses with an estimated fetal weight <10th centile, regardless of their umbilical artery pulsatility index and cerebroplacental ratio measurements. Those with a normal umbilical artery pulsatility index and an abnormal cerebroplacental ratio had larger and wider measurements of the 4-chamber view. In addition, the shape of the 4-chamber view was more globular or round than in controls. These fetuses may have an increased risk of perinatal complications and childhood and/or adult cardiovascular disease. Screening tools derived from the 4-chamber view, acting as surrogates for ventricular dysfunction, may identify fetuses who could benefit from further comprehensive testing and future preventive interventions.
  • Echocardiographic Measurement of Right Ventricular Diastolic Parameters in Mouse. [Journal Article]
    J Vis Exp. 2019 04 27Egemnazarov B, Kwapiszewska G, Marsh LM
  • Diastolic dysfunction is a prominent feature of right ventricular (RV) remodeling associated with conditions of pressure overload. However, the RV diastolic function is rarely quantified in experimental studies. This might be due to technical difficulties in the visualization of the RV in the apical four-chamber view in rodents. Here we describe two positions facilitating the visualization of the…
  • Point-of-care Ultrasound Diagnosis of Pulmonary Embolism with Thrombus in Transit. [Case Reports]
    Clin Pract Cases Emerg Med. 2019 Feb; 3(1):11-12.Kahl N, Gabriel C, … Hoonpongsimanont W
  • A 95-year-old female with a history of dementia and atrial fibrillation (not on anticoagulation) presented to the emergency department (ED) by ambulance from her skilled nursing facility due to hypoxia. Point-of-care ultrasound was performed, and showed evidence of a large mobile thrombus in the right ventricle on apical four-chamber view. Further evidence of associated right heart strain was see…
  • Quantitative Parameters of High-Frame-Rate Strain in Patients with Echocardiographically Normal Function. [Journal Article]
    Ultrasound Med Biol. 2019 05; 45(5):1197-1207.Andersen MV, Moore C, … von Ramm OT
  • Recently, we developed a high-frame-rate echocardiographic imaging system capable of acquiring images at rates up to 2500 per second. High imaging rates were used to quantify longitudinal strain parameters in patients with echocardiographically normal function. These data can serve as a baseline for comparing strain parameters in disease states. The derived timing data also reveal the propagation…
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