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1,305 results
  • Exergaming and Virtual Reality for Health: Implications for Cardiac Rehabilitation. [Review]
    Curr Probl Cardiol 2019; :100472Bond S, Laddu DR, … Arena R
  • Cardiac Rehabilitation (CR) programs, focused on improving the health trajectory of patients with cardiovascular disease, strive to increase physical activity (PA) and cardiorespiratory fitness. However, historically low compliance with recommended PA has prompted exploration of alternatives to traditional courses of exercise therapy. One alternative, exergaming, or the requirement of physical ex…
    Retin Cases Brief Rep 2019Fan J, Gong D, … Chen RWS
  • CONCLUSIONS: Renal transplant patients converted to belatacept immunosuppression may be at an increased risk for herpes virus infection, and thus herpes virus retinitis. Although the degree of risk remains uncharacterized, patients on belatacept therapy who are at the high risk of CMV infection (i.e., donor-positive/recipient-negative patients) should be counseled on the presenting signs and symptoms of CMV retinitis. In these cases, clinicians should also consider regular monitoring of serum CMV titers or continuation of antiviral prophylaxis.
  • Choroidal mass as the first presentation of Erdheim-Chester disease. [Case Reports]
    Am J Ophthalmol Case Rep 2019; 16:100539Pichi F
  • CONCLUSIONS: Intraocular involvement in Erdheim-Chester disease is extremely rare but as a result of recent better awareness the number of new diagnosis is increasing. Erdheim-Chester disease should be considered in the differential of every choroidal mass.
  • Anatomical Study of Innervation of the Supinator Muscle to Reinnervate the Posterior Interosseous Nerve. [Journal Article]
    Rev Bras Ortop (Sao Paulo) 2019; 54(3):253-260Caetano EB, Vieira LA, … Cruz BAP
  • Objective The purpose of this anatomical study was to analyze the possibility of transferring radial nerve branches to the supinator muscle to reinnervate the posterior interosseous nerve (PIN) originating from the C7-T1 roots. Methods Thirty members of 15 cadavers, all male, prepared with an intra-arterial glycerol and formaldehyde solution injection, were dissected. Results All dissected limbs …
  • Combined branch retinal artery and branch retinal vein occlusion from a globe penetrating nail gun injury. [Case Reports]
    GMS Ophthalmol Cases 2019; 9:Doc24McKay BR, Martin JA
  • CONCLUSIONS: This case is the first to describe a combined BRAO and BRVO from a globe penetrating injury. What makes this case even rarer is that the patient was wearing eye protection at the time of the injury. Despite appropriate emergency management, rapid referral for ophthalmologist assessment, and timely surgical management of this patient, the visual outcome was poor. The vascular injury ultimately compromised a significant segment of the retina, including the macula.
  • Choroidal thickness in Waardenburg syndrome. [Case Reports]
    GMS Ophthalmol Cases 2019; 9:Doc22Rishi P, Multani P, … Attiku Y
  • CONCLUSIONS: Choroidal thickness is decreased in the hypopigmented area of the fundus compared to the pigmented area in subjects with Waardenburg syndrome. The overall thickness of the choroid in such eyes could still be more than the mean value in the normal population.
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