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1,730 results
  • Short therapy in a septic arthritis of the neonatal hip. [Journal Article]
    Pediatr Rep 2019; 11(3):8161Gatto A, Lazzareschi I, … Valentini P
  • Septic arthritis (SA) is a serious joint infection associated with significant morbidity that can cause permanent damage with articular cartilage destruction, osteonecrosis and lifelong deformities if not diagnosed and treated promptly. In neonates, because of the paucity of signs and symptoms, SA is difficult to diagnose. The treatment for SA in children is empirical antibiotic for weeks, initia…
  • Direct Superior Approach to the Hip for Total Hip Arthroplasty. [Journal Article]
    JBJS Essent Surg Tech 2019; 9(2):e17Barrett AA, Ezzibdeh RM, … Amanatullah DF
  • Traditional posterior approaches to the hip, posterolateral and mini-posterior, violate the iliotibial band and the short external rotators, specifically the quadratus femoris and obturator externus muscles1-4. The direct anterior approach does not violate the iliotibial band or the quadratus femoris, resulting in earlier ambulation and lower dislocation rates1,5-9. The direct superior (DS) is a …
  • Surgical management of septic metacarpal physitis and concurrent serofibrinous fetlock arthritis: 2 cases. [Case Reports]
    Schweiz Arch Tierheilkd 2019; 161(9):559-568Kofler J, Stanitznig A, Pagliosa G
  • The clinical, ultrasonographic, radiographic, cytologic and bacteriologic findings, diagnosis and surgical treatment of two heifers with septic metacarpal physitis (type-1 osteomyelitis) and concurrent serofibrinous arthritis of the metacarpophalangeal (MCP) joint are described. Osteomyelitis likely occurred by haematogenous spread following bronchopneumonia in one heifer and developed post-traum…
  • Melioidosis of the Musculoskeletal System. [Journal Article]
    Med Princ Pract 2019Perumal R, Abel L, … Govindaraju S
  • Recent studies indicate that India is an endemic region for Burkholderia (B.) pseudomallei infection. We aimed to describe the clinical presentation of B. pseudomallei infection of the musculoskeletal system and summarise the various treatment modalities used in our clinical practice.
  • Traumatic Arthrotomy. [Journal Article]
    J Am Acad Orthop Surg 2019Brubacher JW, Grote CW, Tilley MB
  • Evaluation of periarticular traumatic wounds for joint penetration is a common clinical concern for orthopaedic surgeons. Wounds that violate the joint capsule can result in deep infection and sepsis. Understanding the anatomic landmarks and capsular extensions of the major joints is key to proper evaluation. Initial evaluation of periarticular wounds includes thorough examination of the wound an…
  • Can Ultrasound Identify Traumatic Knee Arthrotomy in a Cadaveric Model? [Journal Article]
    J Emerg Med 2019; 57(3):362-366Kongkatong M, Thom C, Moak J
  • CONCLUSIONS: Ultrasound may have utility in evaluation of TAK. There were limitations. Some knees had effusions with echogenic material present, which could have led to false-positive results. It is also unknown how much air is typical of TAK. One milliliter was used based on previous work with CT. The use of ultrasound for diagnosis of TAK warrants further study.
  • Bilateral septic arthritis of the knee caused by group B streptococci: a case report. [Case Reports]
    Iran J Microbiol 2019; 11(2):187-190Manshadi SAD, Alizadeh R, … Seifi M
  • Septic arthritis (SA) remains to be a critical diagnosis for a swollen knee at the emergency department. Here, we report a rare case of bilateral knee arthritis in a 59-year-old diabetic woman who had been immobilized 5 months prior to admission. Her right knee swelling exacerbated in 10 days leading to left knee involvement. In 5 days the clear synovial tap in the first hospital turned purulent …
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