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5,009 results
  • The Case for Ancient Hot Springs in Gusev Crater, Mars. [Journal Article]
    Astrobiology 2019Ruff SW, Campbell KA, … Farmer JD
  • The origin and age of opaline silica deposits discovered by the Spirit rover adjacent to the Home Plate feature in the Columbia Hills of Gusev crater remains debated, in part because of their proximity to sulfur-rich soils. Processes related to fumarolic activity and to hot springs and/or geysers are the leading candidates. Both processes are known to produce opaline silica on Earth, but with dif…
  • Obliquity Evolution of the Potentially Habitable Exoplanet Kepler-62f. [Journal Article]
    Astrobiology 2019Quarles B, Barnes JW, … Chambers J
  • Variations in the axial tilt, or obliquity, of terrestrial planets can affect their climates and therefore their habitability. Kepler-62f is a 1.4 R⊕ planet orbiting within the habitable zone of its K2 dwarf host star. We perform N-body simulations that monitor the evolution of obliquity of Kepler-62f for 10-million-year timescales to explore the effects on model assumptions, such as the masses o…
  • Hydrothermal Chemistry and the Origin of Cellular Life. [Journal Article]
    Astrobiology 2019Deamer D, Damer B, Kompanichenko V
  • Two processes required for life's origin are condensation reactions that produce essential biopolymers by a nonenzymatic reaction, and self-assembly of membranous compartments that encapsulate the polymers into populations of protocells. Because life today thrives not just in the temperate ocean and lakes but also in extreme conditions of temperature, salinity, and pH, there is a general assumpti…
  • The Intersection of Geology, Geochemistry, and Microbiology in Continental Hydrothermal Systems. [Journal Article]
    Astrobiology 2019Colman DR, Lindsay MR, … Boyd ES
  • Decompressional boiling of ascending hydrothermal waters and separation into a vapor (gas) and a liquid phase drive extensive variation in the geochemical composition of hot spring waters. Yet little is known of how the process of phase separation influences the distribution of microbial metabolisms in springs. Here, we determined the variation in protein coding genes in 51 metagenomes from chemo…
  • Infrared Spectroscopic Detection of Biosignatures at Lake Tírez, Spain: Implications for Mars. [Journal Article]
    Astrobiology 2019Preston LJ, Barcenilla R, … Olsson-Francis K
  • The detection of potential biosignatures with mineral matrices is part of a multifaceted approach in the search for life on other planetary bodies. The 2020 ExoMars Rosalind Franklin rover includes within its payload three IR spectrometers in the form of ISEM (Infrared Spectrometer for ExoMars), MicrOmega, and Ma-MISS (Mars Multispectral Imager for Subsurface Studies). The use of this technique i…
  • The Search for a Signature of Life on Mars: A Biogeomorphological Approach. [Journal Article]
    Astrobiology 2019; 19(10):1279-1291Corenblit D, Darrozes J, … Viles H
  • Geological evidence shows that life on Earth evolved in line with major concomitant changes in Earth surface processes and landforms. Biogeomorphological characteristics, especially those involving microorganisms, are potentially important facets of biosignatures on Mars and are generating increasing interest in astrobiology. Using Earth as an analog provides reasons to suspect that past or prese…
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