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164,435 results
  • Feasibility of surface plasmon lasing in HgTe quantum wells with population inversion. [Journal Article]
    J Phys Condens Matter 2019Kapralov K, Alymov G, … Svintsov D
  • Surface plasmon lasing in semiconductor gain media at far-infrared frequencies requires simultaneously long non-radiative recombination times and large plasmon propagation length. In this paper, we show that these conditions are realized in mercury-telluride quantum wells (HgTe QWs) near the topological transition. We derive the conditions of surface plasmon amplification in HgTe QWs with interba…
  • YHO, an Air-Stable Ionic Hydride. [Journal Article]
    Inorg Chem 2019Zapp N, Auer H, Kohlmann H
  • Metal hydride oxides are an emerging field in solid-state research. While some lanthanide hydride oxides (LnHO) were known, YHO has only been found in thin films so far. Yttrium hydride oxide, YHO, can be synthesized as bulk samples by a reaction of Y2O3 with hydrides (YH3, CaH2), by a reaction of YH3 with CaO, or by a metathesis of YOF with LiH or NaH. X-ray and neutron powder diffraction reveal…
  • Hippocampal gamma rhythms during Y-maze navigation in the juvenile rat. [Journal Article]
    Hippocampus 2019McHail DG, Dumas TC
  • The neurobiology of postnatal hippocampal development in rodents is receiving increased attention as a means to address neurodevelopmental questions and to better understand the neural code(s) for spatial navigation in adulthood. We previously showed that spontaneous alternation (SA) in a Y-maze, which emerges at the end of the third postnatal week, was related to changes in fast glutamatergic sy…
  • Large-area, lithography-free, narrow-band and highly directional thermal emitter. [Journal Article]
    Nanoscale 2019Liu X, Li Z, … Shen X
  • Thermal radiation with narrow bandwidth and well-defined emission directions is highly sought after for a variety of applications, ranging from infrared sensing and thermal imaging to thermophotovoltaics. Here, a large-area (4-inch-diameter) long-wavelength infrared thermal emitter is presented, which is spectrally selective, highly directional, and easily fabricated. The basic structure of the p…
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