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774 results
  • Insecticide resistance mechanisms with novel 'kdr' type gene mutations in the tropical bed bug Cimex hemipterus. [Journal Article]
    Parasit Vectors 2019; 12(1):310Punchihewa R, de Silva WAPP, … Karunaratne SHPP
  • CONCLUSIONS: The bed bug population has developed high resistance to propoxur with increased esterase activities. KT50 for deltamethrin and permethrin has increased 125- and 20-fold, respectively, over the period 2002 to 2016. To the authors' knowledge, this is the first time that the possible involvement of a kdr type mutation in developing pyrethroid resistance in C. hemipterus has been shown in Sri Lanka.
  • Evolution: Bedbugs Evolved before Their Assumed Ancestral Host. [Journal Article]
    Curr Biol 2019; 29(11):R413-R415Booth W
  • It has long been assumed that human-parasitic bedbugs evolved from the ectoparasites of bats. However, new fossil-calibrated phylogenetic analysis places their appearance at ∼115 million years ago; before the Cretaceous-Paleogene mass extinction and ∼30 million years prior to fossil records of the first bats.
  • Risk Factors for Bed Bugs Among Urban Emergency Department Patients. [Journal Article]
    J Community Health 2019Sheele JM, Crandall CJ, … Negrete A
  • Bed bugs are a significant and under-studied public health nuisance. We surveyed 706 emergency department patients and found bed bug infestations were more likely (p < 0.05) among subjects having persons 19-64 years of age in the house, living in a group home, a previous history with bed bugs, and knowing someone who currently has bed bugs. Sleeping in a hotel, recent homelessness, obtaining used…
  • Bedbugs Evolved before Their Bat Hosts and Did Not Co-speciate with Ancient Humans. [Journal Article]
    Curr Biol 2019; 29(11):1847-1853.e4Roth S, Balvín O, … Reinhardt K
  • All 100+ bedbug species (Cimicidae) are obligate blood-sucking parasites [1, 2]. In general, blood sucking (hematophagy) is thought to have evolved in generalist feeders adventitiously taking blood meals [3, 4], but those cimicid taxa currently considered ancestral are putative host specialists [1, 5]. Bats are believed to be the ancestral hosts of cimicids [1], but a cimicid fossil [6] predates …
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