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(benign lymphoreticulosis of inoculation)
207 results
  • Erythema nodosum and sarcoid granulomas - letting the cat out of the bag. [Case Reports]
    Dermatol Online J 2018; 24(12)Morgado F, Batista M, … Tellechea Ó
  • A 41-year-old woman presented with a violaceous papule on the dorsum of the hand, large ipsilateral axillary lymphadenopathy, and tender, erythematous, subcutaneous nodules on the legs. Accompanying signs included fever, ankle swelling, and bilateral red eye. She recalled having a previous exposure to kittens one month before and had a positive family history for sarcoidosis. Histological examina…
  • Pet-Related Infections. [Journal Article]
    Am Fam Physician 2016; 94(10):794-802Day MJ
  • Physicians and veterinarians have many opportunities to partner in promoting the well-being of people and their pets, especially by addressing zoonotic diseases that may be transmitted between a pet and a human family member. Common cutaneous pet-acquired zoonoses are dermatophytosis (ringworm) and sarcoptic mange (scabies), which are both readily treated. Toxoplasmosis can be acquired from expos…
  • Cat scratch disease in Medellín, Colombia. [Case Reports]
    Oxf Med Case Reports 2014; 2014(3):43-5Macías A, Aguirre C, … Díaz A
  • Cat scratch disease (CSD) is the most common zoonosis transmitted by household animals. There is limited data on the epidemiology and clinical presentation of this disease in Colombia. The typical presentation includes subacute or chronic lymph node infection following inoculation of Bartonella henselae bacilli through a cat scratch. Cats have a B. henselae seroprevalence as high as 90%. Here, we…
  • Persistent cat scratch disease requiring surgical excision in a patient with MPGN. [Case Reports]
    Pediatrics 2015; 135(6):e1514-7King KY, Hicks MJ, … Michael M
  • We present the case of a 13-year-old immunosuppressed patient with unrelenting cat scratch disease despite 9 months of antibiotic therapy. The patient was being treated with mycophenolate and prednisone for membranoproliferative glomerulonephritis (type 1) diagnosed 13 months before the onset of cat scratch disease. Cat scratch disease was suspected due to epitrochlear lymphadenitis and an inocul…
  • Cat scratch disease presenting as breast cancer: a report of an unusual case. [Journal Article]
    Case Rep Oncol Med 2013; 2013:507504Iannace C, Lo Conte D, … Caracciolo F
  • Benign lymphoreticulosis (cat scratch disease, CSD) may have a clinical course that varies from the most common lymphadenitis localized in the site of inoculation, preceded by the typical "primary lesion," to a context of severe systemic involvement. Among these uncommon clinical aspects, there is mammarian granulomatous lymphadenitis which may appear as a mastitis or a solitary intraparenchymal …
  • Concomitant cat scratch disease and squamous cell carcinoma in a cardiac transplant. [Journal Article]
    Infect Dis Rep 2012; 4(1):e2Bhanot N, Sokos GG, … Murali S
  • Cat scratch disease has been reported very rarely in cardiac transplant recipients. In a review of 1073 episodes of infection in 620 heart transplant patients over a 16 year period, only one case of infection secondary to Bartonella henselae was documented. Another case of hepatosplenic bacillary angiomatosis from B. henselae was reported 2 decades ago in a heart transplant recipient who had pres…
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