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4,580 results
  • Tuning oxygen vacancy concentration of MnO2 through metal doping for improved toluene oxidation. [Journal Article]
    J Hazard Mater 2020; 391:122181Dong C, Qu Z, … Ren Y
  • Oxygen vacancy acts an important role in adjusting the chemical properties of MnO2. In this paper, two-dimensional MnO2 catalysts with different oxygen vacancy concentration are obtained by doping Cu2+. It is researched that the K+ species in the interlayer of birnessite-type MnO2 can be substituted during the Cu2+ doping process. Meanwhile, this process will generate the oxygen vacancy. Interest…
  • Synthesis of Reactive Water-Soluble Narrow-Band-Gap Polymers for Post-Crosslinking. [Journal Article]
    Polymers (Basel) 2020; 12(2)Guo HX, Ohashi T, … Aota H
  • In this study, water-soluble, narrow-band-gap polymers containing reactive groups were prepared by the addition-condensation of pyrrole (Pyr), benzaldehyde-2-sulfonic acid sodium salt (BS), and terephthalaldehydic acid (TPA) or p-hydroxybenzaldehyde (p-HB). TPA and p-HB were used for the post-crosslinking reaction between polymers. The polymers were characterized by employing various analyses suc…
  • Genome Survey and Transcriptome Analysis on Mycelia and Primordia of Agaricus blazei. [Journal Article]
    Biomed Res Int 2020; 2020:1824183Lu YP, Liao JH, … Chen MY
  • Agaricus blazei, a type of edible straw-rotting mushroom with somewhat sweet taste and fragrance of almonds, has attracted considerable scientific and practical attention. High-throughput Illumina PE150 and PacBio RSII platform were employed to generate a genomic sequence. De novo assembly generated 36 contigs with 38,686,133 bp in size, containing 10,119 putative predicted genes. Additionally, w…
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