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2,823 results
  • Ultrastretchable and Wireless Bioelectronics Based on All-Hydrogel Microfluidics. [Journal Article]
    Adv Mater 2019; :e1902783Liu Y, Yang T, … Kong T
  • Hydrogel bioelectronics that can interface biological tissues and flexible electronics is at the core of the growing field of healthcare monitoring, smart drug systems, and wearable and implantable devices. Here, a simple strategy is demonstrated to prototype all-hydrogel bioelectronics with embedded arbitrary conductive networks using tough hydrogels and liquid metal. Due to their excellent stre…
  • An Electrochemical Gelation Method for Patterning Conductive PEDOT:PSS Hydrogels. [Journal Article]
    Adv Mater 2019; :e1902869Feig VR, Tran H, … Bao Z
  • Due to their high water content and macroscopic connectivity, hydrogels made from the conducting polymer PEDOT:PSS are a promising platform from which to fabricate a wide range of porous conductive materials that are increasingly of interest in applications as varied as bioelectronics, regenerative medicine, and energy storage. Despite the promising properties of PEDOT:PSS-based porous materials,…
  • Pesticide detection by a miniature microbial fuel cell under controlled operational disturbances. [Journal Article]
    Water Sci Technol 2019; 79(12):2231-2241Chouler J, Di Lorenzo M
  • Microbial fuel cell (MFC) technology holds enormous potential for inexpensive real-time and onsite testing of water sources. With the intent of defining optimal operational conditions, we investigated the effect of environmental factors (changes in temperature, pH and ionic strength), on the performance of a single chamber miniature MFC sensor. The pH of the influent had the greatest effect on th…
  • DRAMP 2.0, an updated data repository of antimicrobial peptides. [Journal Article]
    Sci Data 2019; 6(1):148Kang X, Dong F, … Zheng H
  • Data Repository of Antimicrobial Peptides (DRAMP, is an open-access comprehensive database containing general, patent and clinical antimicrobial peptides (AMPs). Currently DRAMP has been updated to version 2.0, it contains a total of 19,899 entries (newly added 2,550 entries), including 5,084 general entries, 14,739 patent entries, and 76 clinical entries. The upda…
  • An aptamer-based new method for competitive fluorescence detection of exosomes. [Journal Article]
    Nanoscale 2019Yu X, He L, … Luo H
  • Exosomes have been recognized as promising sources of biomarkers for early cancer diagnosis due to their important role in the occurrence and metastasis of cancer, and so the development of a sensitive low-cost detection method for exosomes is highly desirable. In this paper, we report a fluorescence method for the competitive detection of exosomes based on an aptamer specific to CD63 (an exosome…
  • A wearable electrofluidic actuation system. [Journal Article]
    Lab Chip 2019Lin H, Hojaiji H, … Emaminejad S
  • We report a wearable electrofluidic actuation system, which exploits the alternating current electrothermal (ACET) effects to engineer biofluid flow profiles on the body. The wearable ACET flow is induced with the aid of corrosion-resistant electrode configurations (fabricated on a flexible substrate) and custom-developed, wirelessly programmable high frequency (MHz) excitation circuitry. Various…
  • A Wireless Implantable System for Facilitating Gastrointestinal Motility. [Journal Article]
    Micromachines (Basel) 2019; 10(8)Wang PM, Dubrovsky G, … Liu W
  • Gastrointestinal (GI) electrical stimulation has been shown in several studies to be a potential treatment option for GI motility disorders. Despite the promising preliminary research progress, however, its clinical applicability and usability are still unknown and limited due to the lack of a miniaturized versatile implantable stimulator supporting the investigation of effective stimulation patt…
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