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347 results
  • Factoring Origin of Life Hypotheses into the Search for Life in the Solar System and Beyond. [Review]
    Life (Basel). 2020 Apr 27; 10(5)Longo A, Damer B
  • Two widely-cited alternative hypotheses propose geological localities and biochemical mechanisms for life's origins. The first states that chemical energy available in submarine hydrothermal vents supported the formation of organic compounds and initiated primitive metabolic pathways which became incorporated in the earliest cells; the second proposes that protocells self-assembled from exogenous…
  • Towards Determining Biosignature Retention in Icy World Plumes. [Journal Article]
    Life (Basel). 2020 Apr 16; 10(4)Bywaters K, Stoker CR, … Lemke L
  • With the discovery of the persistent jets of water being ejected to space from Enceladus, an understanding of the effect of the space environment on potential organisms and biosignatures in them is necessary for planning life detection missions. We experimentally determine the survivability of microbial cells in liquid medium when ejected into vacuum. Epifluorescence microscopy, using a lipid sta…
  • Can polarity-inverted membranes self-assemble on Titan? [Journal Article]
    Sci Adv. 2020 Jan; 6(4):eaax0272.Sandström H, Rahm M
  • The environmental and chemical limits of life are two of the most central questions in astrobiology. Our understanding of life's boundaries has implications on the efficacy of biosignature identification in exoplanet atmospheres and in the solar system. The lipid bilayer membrane is one of the central prerequisites for life as we know it. Previous studies based on molecular dynamics simulations h…
  • Life in The Context of Order and Complexity. [Journal Article]
    Life (Basel). 2020 Jan 18; 10(1)Mayer C
  • It is generally accepted that life requires structural complexity. However, a chaotic mixture of organic compounds like the one formed by extensive reaction sequences over time may be extremely complex, but could just represent a static asphalt-like dead end situation. Likewise, it is accepted that life requires a certain degree of structural order. However, even extremely ordered structures like…
  • Trace Element Concentrations in Hydrothermal Silica Deposits as a Potential Biosignature. [Journal Article]
    Astrobiology. 2020 Apr; 20(4):525-536.Gangidine A, Havig JR, … Czaja AD
  • Uncovering and understanding the chemical and fossil record of ancient life is crucial to understanding how life arose, evolved, and distributed itself across Earth. Potential signs of ancient life, however, are often challenging to establish as definitively biological and require multiple lines of evidence. Hydrothermal silica deposits may preserve some of the most ancient evidence of life on Ea…
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