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271 results
  • Viral Blips after Treatment Initiation during Acute HIV Infection. [Journal Article]
    Clin Infect Dis 2019Crowell TA, Pinyakorn S, … RV254/SEARCH010 Study Group
  • Transient viral blips ≥20 copies/mL were observed in 16.9% of acutely-treated HIV-infected adults in Thailand. Blip incidence increased from 0.0 (95% confidence interval 0.0-2.9)/100 person-years after ART in Fiebig I to 15.9 (7.6-29.2) in Fiebig V. Increasing viral load and Fiebig stage at ART initiation were independently predictive of blips.
  • Insight into Structure-Function Relationships of β-Lactamase and BLIPs Interface Plasticity using Protein-Protein Interactions. [Journal Article]
    Curr Pharm Des 2019; 25(31):3378-3389Yadav TC, Agarwal V, … Pruthi V
  • CONCLUSIONS: Protein-protein interactions mediate a significant role in regulation and modulation of cellular developments and processes. Specific biological markers and geometric characteristics are manifested by active site binding clefts of protein surfaces which determines the specificity and affinity for their targets. TEM1.BLIP is a classical model to study protein-protein interaction. β-Lactamase inhibitory proteins (BLIPs) interacts and inhibits various β-lactamases with extensive range of affinities.
  • Model selection for G-estimation of dynamic treatment regimes. [Journal Article]
    Biometrics 2019; 75(4):1205-1215Wallace MP, Moodie EEM, Stephens DA
  • Dynamic treatment regimes (DTRs) aim to formalize personalized medicine by tailoring treatment decisions to individual patient characteristics. G-estimation for DTR identification targets the parameters of a structural nested mean model, known as the blip function, from which the optimal DTR is derived. Despite its potential, G-estimation has not seen widespread use in the literature, owing in pa…
  • Thermal power of heat flow through a qubit. [Journal Article]
    Phys Rev E 2019; 99(4-1):042130Aurell E, Montana F
  • In this paper we consider the thermal power of a heat flow through a qubit between two baths. The baths are modeled as a set of harmonic oscillators initially at equilibrium, at two temperatures. Heat is defined as the change of energy of the cold bath, and thermal power is defined as expected heat per unit time, in the long-time limit. The qubit and the baths interact as in the spin-boson model,…
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