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442 results
  • Mammalian Skull Dimensions and the Golden Ratio (Φ). [Journal Article]
    J Craniofac Surg 2019Tamargo RJ, Pindrik JA
  • The Golden Ratio (Phi, or Φ = 1.618…) is a potentially unifying quantity of structure and function in nature, as best observed in phyllotactic patterns in plants. For centuries, Φ has been identified in human anatomy, and in recent decades, Φ has been identified in human physiology as well. The anatomy and evolution of the human skull have been the focus of intense study. Evolving over millenia, …
  • The Role of the Rodent Insula in Anxiety. [Journal Article]
    Front Physiol 2019; 10:330Méndez-Ruette M, Linsambarth S, … Stehberg J
  • The human insula has been consistently reported to be overactivated in all anxiety disorders, activation which has been suggested to be proportional to the level of anxiety and shown to decrease with effective anxiolytic treatment. Nonetheless, studies evaluating the direct role of the insula in anxiety are lacking. Here, we set out to investigate the role of the rodent insula in anxiety by eithe…
  • Sex differences in insular functional connectivity in response to noxious visceral stimulation in rats. [Journal Article]
    Brain Res 2019; 1717:15-26Wang Z, Guo Y, … Holschneider DP
  • Insular cortex (INS) plays a critical role in pain processing and shows sex differences in functional activation during noxious visceral stimulation. Less is known regarding functional interactions within the INS and between this structure and other parts of the brain. Cerebral blood flow mapping was performed using [14C]-iodoantipyrine perfusion autoradiography in male and female rats during col…
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